OBIORA Udechukwu




Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Painter Address: Department of Fine &Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State. Birth: June 4, 1946 in Onitsha, Anambra State. Training: Studied art with Joseph Eze, Central Art School, Onitsha, and Rowland E. Ndefo; attended Ahmadu Bello University, 1965- 1966; BA, 1972, and MFA, 1977, University of Nigeria; protegS of Uche Okeke; participated in third printmaking workshop, University of Nigeria, 1987. Profile: Husband of Ada Udechukwu; teacher, Onitsha, 1965; associated with Mbari Art Centre, Enugu; assistant commercial artist, Ministry of Agriculture, Enugu, 1965; graphic designer, Ministry of Information, Aba, Umuahia, 1968-1969; assistant art organizer, Biafran Cultural Workshops, Alaenyi-Ogwa, 1969-1970; traveled in Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany and Norway, visiting museums and galleries, 1972; art editor, The Muse, journal of the English Association, Nsukka; art teacher, Onitsha and Enugu, 1972- 1973; arts and production editor, Okike, Nsukka, 1976-1982; lecturer/ senior lecturer, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, from 1977; art editor, Nsukkascope: AJournal ofOpinion, Nsukka, 1977; illustrated novels by well-known Nigerian authors, since 1979; his drawings and poems have appeared in journals and anthologies in Germany, Nigeria and the United States; artist-in-residence, Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany, 1985; consultant, "Igbo Arts: Community and Cosmos" exhibition, Museum of Cultural History, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, 1984. Member: African Literature Association; AKA Circle of Exhibiting Artists; Arts Council of the African Studies Association; Association of Nigerian Authors; Society of Nigerian Artists. Solo Exhibitions "Obiora Udechukwu: Genesis of His Art, 1960-70," Onitsha, 1975. "Homage to Christopher Okigbo," British Council, Enugu, 1975; Gong Gallery, Lagos, 1976. "Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours," Gong Gallery, Lagos 1977. "Five Themes: Fifty-Five Works," Goethe Institute, Lagos, 1980. "No Water," Nsukka, Enugu and Lagos, 1981. "Zeichnungen," Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany, May 14-July 1, 1982. "Selected Sketches, 1965-1983, and Recent Drawings and Watercolours," National Theatre, Lagos, March 23-April 6, 1984. "Onye Ndidi," Italian Cultural Institute, Lagos, May 4-17, 1985. "Rhythms of Hunger," Bhownagree Gallery, Commonwealth Institute, London, 1985. "Uli: Drawings and Prints," P. G. Gallery, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe, May-June 1988. "Nsukka Landscape," Italian Cultural Institute, Lagos, March 4-18, 1989. University of Erlangen, Nurnberg, Germany, July-August 1989. Eric Clark Library, Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha, 1989. "Modeme Africanische Kunst aus Nigeria: Bilder von Obiora Udechukwu," Altstadt Galerie, Bamberg, Germany, October 1990. "Drawings, Watercolours, Prints," Mbari Art, Washington, DC, November 11, 1990. Group Exhibitions "Five Young Artists," Mbari Art Centre, Enugu, 1967. "Kunst und Kunsthandwerk aus Biafra," Bonn, Cologne, and Trier, Germany, 1969. "New Painters from Nsukka 1972: Bons Nwabiani and Obiora Udechukwu," British Council, Enugu, July 24-31, 1972. "Nigeria Prints 1973," Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1973. "Odunke Art Exhibition," Old Niger House, Lagos, July 1973; British Council, Ibadan, October 1973. "Contemporary Nigerian Plastic Art Exhibition," Fourth National Arts Festival, Lagos State Cultural Centre, Lagos, 1974. "Nigerian Contemporary Art Symposium, Nsukka 1976," Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, March 22-25, 1976. FESTAC '77, Lagos, 1977. "Nsukka School: A Step Forward," Institute of African Studies, Nsukka, 1977. "The Living Art of the Igbo," Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, April 1977. "Lagos International Trade Fair," Lagos, November 27-December 11, 1977. "Entries for the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Art Competition," National Museum, Lagos, 1978. "Introducing Ana Gallery," University of Nigeria, Nsukka, January 1978. "Exhibition of Graphics," University of Lagos Women's Society, Lagos, July 1978. "National Art Exhibition," National Theatre, Lagos, September 30-October 7, 1978. "East Zonal Exhibition: Society of Nigerian Artists," Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, October 25-28, 1978. "Christian Arts in Nigeria," Holy Trinity Cathedral, Onitsha, 1979. 'The Nsukka School: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture, Ceramics," Contemporary Arts Gallery, Rivers State Council for Arts &Culture, Port Harcourt, February 1-28, 1979. "Neue Kunst in Afrika," Mainz, Germany, June 1980; Bayreuth, Germany, July- August 1980; Worgl, Austria, September 1980. "Contemporary Art from the Eastern States," British Council, Enugu, August 2-15, 1980. "National Art Exhibition," National Theatre, Lagos, September 25-October 1, 1980. "20th Nigerian Independence Anniversary Exhibition of Art, Crafts & Antiquities," Enugu, September 30, 1980. "Afrikanische Kunst Heute," Galerie Exler, Frankfurt, Germany, October 8-November 30, 1980. "Exhibition of Original Prints," Continuing Education Center, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, June 26-27, 1981. "Nigerianische Kunst Ausstellung," Nigerian Cultural Centre, Bonn, Germany, March 18- April 1, 1982; Ingleheim and Berlin, Germany, 1982. "De Goden Zijn Niet Dood," Provinciehuis, Zwolle, The Netherlands, February 5-March 5, 1982. Fifth Indian Triennial, New Delhi, India, March-April 1982. "Drawings, Prints & Watercolours: Okike 10th Anniversary," University of Nigeria, Nsukka, April 1982. "Ausstellung Nigerianische Kunst der Gegenwart," Bonn, Germany, August 9-18, 1982. "People and Streets: Prints and Drawings," Goethe Institute, Lagos, November 3- 16, 1982. "Evolution in Nigerian Art," Lagos, 1984. "Senegal bis Sambia: Neue Kunst aus Afrika," Bayreuth, Germany, 1985. "Werbung fur Biafra," Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany, 1985. "Echo: UNN Silver Jubilee Exhibition of Nsukka Students' Art 1970-1984," Ana Gallery, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, February 13-23, 1985. "Contemporary Art from Anambra State," Kashim Ibrahim Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, March 1985. "Iwalewa: Afrikanische Kunst Heute," Stadtische Galerie, Regensburg, Germany, June 9-30, 1985. "Dialog mit Grafik," Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany, July 18-August 15; Goethe Institute, Lagos, 1985. "Silver Jubilee National Art Exhibition," National Theatre, Lagos; Federal University of Technology, Owerri; Lugard Hall, Kaduna, September 26-October 1, 1985. "Man in Focus," National Theatre, Lagos, December 20, 1985-January 10, 1986. "Mystic Artists," Continuing Education Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1986. "Grafisches Design," Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany, 1986. Ninth British International Print Biennial, Bradford, England, 1986. "AKA '86," French Cultural Centre, Enugu, April 14-20, 1986; Franco-German Exhibition Hall, Lagos, May 14-31,1986. Second Biennial Art Exhibition, Havana, Cuba, November 1987. "Nigerian-German Prints," Continuing Education Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, October 1986; Franco-German Auditorium, Lagos, November 5-19, 1986. "AKA '87," Hotel Presidential, Enugu, April 23-May 25, 1987; National Gallery of Crafts & Design, Lagos, July 2-16, 1987. "Original Prints from the Third Nsukka Workshop, 1987," Ana Gallery, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, October 29-November 2, 1987;Franco-German Auditorium, Lagos, November 4-18, 1987. "AKA '88," Nigerian Union of Journalists Press Center, Enugu, April 28-30, 1988; Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, May 16-30, 1988; National Gallery of Crafts & Design, Lagos, June 9-23,1988. "SSART Exhibition 1988," Ana Gallery, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, June 17-24, 1988. "Treasures of Asele Institute," Italian Cultural Institute, Lagos, December 10-23, 1988. "AKA '89," Hotel Presidential, Enugu, April 19-21, 1989; National Gallery of Crafts & Design, Lagos, June 23-July 8, 1989. 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Writings by the Artist "Functionality, Symbolism and Decoration: SomeAspects of Traditional Igbo Art," The Conch (New York) 3 (2): 89-96, September 1971. illus., bibliog. Lyrical Symbolism: Notes on Traditional Wall Painting from Agulu. BA thesis, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1972. [unpublished]. Folklore & Fantasy in Contemporary Nigerian Art:A Study of Uche Okeke, Bruce Onobrakpeya and Twins Seven-Seven. MFA thesis, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1977. 107 leaves, 49 leaves of plates, illus. [unpublished]. "Concept into Form: Religion and Aesthetics in African Art," chapter 7. In: Readings in African Humanities: Africa's Cultural Development I edited by Ogbu U. Kalu, Enugu, Fourth Dimension Publishers, 1978. "Observations on Art Criticism in Nigeria," Nigeria Magazine (Lagos) nos. 126-127: 35-43, 1978. bibliog. refs. "Igbo Traditional Design and Contemporary Dress Wears," Anu (Owerri) no. 3, pp. 1-14, 1979. Ulus., bibliog. "Nigerian Political Cartoonists in the 1970's," New Culture (Ibadan) 1 (10): 13-20, 25, September 1979. "An Interview with Obiora Udechukwu," [interview by Ulli Beier]. Okike (Nsukka) 20: 53-68, December 1981. illus. "Wesen und Klarheit," pp. 87-91. In: Neue Kunst in Afrika, Berlin, Reimer, 1980. illus. "Obiora Udechukwu: Towards Essence and Clarity," Nigeria Magazine (Lagos) nos. 132-133: 43-46, 1980. illus., port. "Uli and Li; Aspects of Igbo and Chinese Drawing and Painting," Nigeria Magazine (Lagos) nos. 134-135: 40-50, 1981. illus. "Line, Space, Simplicity and Spontaneity: Aspects of Igbo and Chinese Drawing and Painting," Ugo Magazine (Enugu) 1 (4): 26-33, July-December 1981. [cover date: November 1981]. illus., notes, bibliog. Aka Weta: Egwu Aguluagu Egwu Edeluede [Igbo poetry] / edited by Chinua Achebe and Obiora Udechukwu, Nsukka: Okike Magazine, 1982. 82pp. illus. Reviewed: E. 'Nolue Emenanjo, "After the Blackout: Editorial and Linguistic Problems in "Aka Weta: A Comment," Uwa ndi Igbo: Journal of Igbo Life and Culture (Nsukka) 1: 89-93, June 1984. "Interview," The Guardian (Lagos) July 20, 1983, page 11. "Aesthetics and the Mythic Imagination: Notes on Christopher Okigbo's Heavensgate and Uche Okeke's Drawings. In: Critical Perspectives on Christopher Okigbo, edited by D. I. Nwoga, Washington, DC, Three Continents Press, 1984. "Further Notes on the Epics of Ameke Okoye and Ozoemene Ndive," Uwa ndi Igbo: Journal of Igbo Life andCulture (Nsukka) 1: 17-19, June 1984. bibliog. "Ogwugwa Aja Iyiazi, Nri 1984: A Photographic Record in Colour," Uwa ndi Igbo: Journal ofIgbo Life and Culture (Nsukka) 1, 55-60, 1984. illus. Text in Igbo. Six color plates and cover of women's painted murals, commissioned in 1984 to decorate shrine walls. "Verschiedene Vorstellungen: Afrikanische Kunst Heute," pages [1, 3-4]. In: Iwalewa: Charakter ist Schonheit: Afrikanische Kunst Heute: Stadtische Galerie Regensburg, 9-30.6.1985, Regensburg, Stadtische Galerie, [1985]. illus. (some color). "Kunst aus der Enklave Biafra-Funfzehn Jahre Danach," pp. 11-15. In: Werbung fur Biafra: Kunst und Politik im Nigerianischen Burgerkrieg 1967 bis 1970, Bayreuth, Iwalewa-Haus, 1985. illus. "Traditional Wall Painting: Modem Art From Nigeria," pp. 172-177. In: The Art and Living: Artwork Collectors and Art Scenes in America, Italy, Syria, Nigeria and West Germany Volume 2, Lagos, Communication Arts Company, 1989. illus. What the Madman Said: Poems by Obiora Udechukwu. Bayreuth: Boomerang Press- Norbert Aas, 1990. 76pp. illus. Awards & Honors Shell d'ArcyCup, painting, Eastern Nigeria Festival of Arts, 1965; Department of Fine &Applied Arts prize and Fasuyi Prize, painting, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Public Collections Enugu State Council for Arts &Culture, Enugu. Asele Institute, Nimo. Bradford City Museums&Galleries, Bradford, England. Drypoint: "Song of Sorrow." Federal Ministry of Information, Cultural Division, Lagos. Oil paintings on board: "Conversation" and "Procession." Goethe Institute, Lagos. Drawing: "Water Shortage." Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany. Engravings: "Hamlet," "Ubo-Player," 'Tailor," "Face," "Figure on a River," "Fisherman," "Ohafia Heroic Dancer," 'The General is Up," and "The Long March"; unknown media: "Nights oil man," "Self Portrait," "Man, Moon and Writing Broad," 'Teardrop," "Iwalewa," "Chameleon," "Singer," and "Girl with Flower Motif"; watercolors: "In the Beginning," "Rhythms of Prayer", "Alhadja," "Nightsoilmen," and "The Politicians are Back"; linoprints: "River With Fish" and one untitled; lithograph: one untitled; ink: "Refugee," "The ExileTrain," and "Who Knows Tomorrow"; pen drawings: "Diplomats," "Mallam," "Road to Exile," "The Burden," "The Seamstress and the Customer," "Tycoon and Longshoremen," and "Ubo Mkpo." Museum fur Volkerkunde, Frankfurt, Germany. Watercolors: "Mother of Earth," "Who Knows Tomorrow?" and "One Above, One Below"; etchings: "The General is Up," and "The Long March"; charcoal drawing: "People of the Night"; silk-screen: 'The Writingon the Sky"; oil painting: "Necks for Durbar." National Council for Arts &Culture, Lagos. National Gallery of Modem Art, Lagos. Oil paintings: "Condolence," "Shortage of Water," "ExileTrain: Cross over the Moon," and "Tycoon& Stevedores." State House, Lagos. University of Lagos, Centre for Cultural Studies, Lagos.
Gender: Male
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Profession Graphic Artist
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