OGUNSHEYE, Prof. (Mrs) Adetoun Felicia

Born 5th of December, 1926

Benin city, Edo State

Mrs Prof.




Cambridge School Certificate, Grade 1 (1945)
Higher College Teaching Diploma (1949)
B.A (Geography) Cantab (1952
M.A. Cantab (1956)
M.L.S Simmons (1962)

She is the first woman to study and successfully complete her studies at the Yaba Higher College Diploma programme, she was the first female Dean of Education in a Nigerian university, University of Ibadan, between 1977 and 1979. She is also the first Professor of Library and Information Science
Gender: Female
Marital Status
  • Married
Name of Spouse Prof Ayodele Ogunsheye
State of Origin: Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State
Father's Name
Father's Status N/A
Mother's Name
Mother's Status N/A

Adesugun Ogunsheye

Profession University Lecturer , Librarian , Information Resource Consultant
Working Experience 1952 - 53 Anglican Girls Secondary School, now St. Margaret’s School Ilesha: Geography Mistress and Headmistress. 1954 – 56 St. Anne’s School, Ibadan: Geography Mistress. 1956 – 57 Nigerian College of Science and Technology: Part - Time Lecturer in Geography. 1958 – 60 University of Ibadan Library: Temporary Assistant Librarian in charge of maps. 1960 – 61 University of Ibadan Library: Assistant Librarian in charge of Africana and Map collection; Devised a new classification scheme for Africana map collections 1962 – 63 University of Ibadan Library: Sub-Librarian in charge of Africana and map collection; University of Ibadan Institute of Librarianship: Part - time Lecturer. 1963 (May - Oct.) Ag. Asst. Director.

1996 - President, Ogunsheye Foundation.

Previous Appointments:

1970 – 1971 Ag. Director. Institute of Librarianship
1971 – 1972 Reader and Acting Head of Department. Department of Library Studies:
1973 – 1977 Professor of Library Studies and Head of Department.
1973 – 1987 Director, Abadina Media resource Centre Research Project.
1977 – 1979 Dean of Education.
1979 – 1987 Professor, Department of Library Studies and supervisor for higher degree students.
1987 – Chairman / M.D. Adet Educational Industry.
1991 – 93 Chairman Teaching Service Commission Ogun State.

Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos; Yaba Higher College then the University College, Ibadan where she studied from 1946 till 1948; Newham College, Cambridge and Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, United States from 1949 to 1952.

D. LITT University of Ibadan, Ibadan, 2012
Lady Clifford Scholar, 194
Yaba Higher College Scholar, 1946 – 49
Federal Government Scholar, 1949 – 52
Ford International Fellow,1961
Fulbright Fellowship for Senior African Scholars.1980
Hon D.L.S. Simmons College 1969
Simmon,s College International alumnus award 1979
Hon D. Litt University of Maiduguri,1990
Nigerian Association of University Women United
Nations Decade for Women 1975 -1985: Certificate of Merit for outstanding achievement.
Fellow Nigerian Library Association. I
International Educators Hall of Fame Nigeria 2000
Hon. D.Litt University of Ibadan 2012
Professor Ogunseye was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Nigeria Book Fair Trust during its 11th Nigeria International Book Fair from the 7th to the 12th of May, 2012 at the Afe Babalola Auditorium, University of Lagos, for her contributions to the growth and stability of publishing and book trade in the country.

1. Made a study of 30 institutions – 11 University Libraries, 8 Special libraries, 2 Public Libraries, 10 Document centres and 9 library schools in Great Britain and U.S.A learning about new trends in library service and library education. Made a special study of automation in libraries and documentation centres. Questionnaires were filled and data collected for each institution visited. 2. Sources for African Studies – In collaboration with students who studied all States of Africa. 3. Yoruba Language Bibliography. a. A survey of Yoruba language and Literature i. An analysis of the literature showing publishing trends and area of intellectual activity. ii. The isolation of social and other factors that have influenced writing and publishing in the Yoruba language. b. A Bibliography of Sources and Early writins in and about the Yoruba Language. 1870- 1970. 4. A survey of Reading Habits in An African City – the case of Ibadan for international Federation of Library Associations. 5. Syllabus for the use of Books and Libraries for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Colleges 2nd Edition. 6. Manual for Nigerian School Libraries. 2nd Edition. 7. Director, Abadina media Resource Centre Research Project I Supported by Senate Research Grant of the University of Ibadan. 8. Effect of School Libraries on Academic performance & social development of the primary school child. The research covered three areas: a. Standards and Specifications for School Libraries in Nigeria; The Abadina Media Resource Centre. b. Syllabus for teaching the use of books and library resources: The organisers of the programme believe that the complexity of modern bibliographic data and other non – book resources called for special skills that should be taught as part of the schools curriculum A syllabus for effective use of books and libraries was developed for primary schools, secondary schools and teacher training colleges, and published. c. A Research Project: A six year longitudinal study to test the validity of the following hypotheses: 1. That a formal structured programme of library use education improves learning skills of the primary school child. 2. That Abadina Media Resource Centre’s library education programme affect positively, academic performance of the primary school pupil. 3. That the teaching of such skills will reduce the learning disability or handicap of children from disadvantaged homes. 4. That the interaction of children with media centre affect social development and maturity. This is a longitudinal study of the progress of the children in the experiment and the corresponding control group over the six year period of the primary school. The report of the six year study showed that children in the experiment, performed significantly better in Language skills, and general knowledge and that there is some correlation between administration of the instruction and superior academic performance social development. The Research indicate that effective use of educational resources could be used to bridge the gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged child. PUBLICATION: Effect of Library Use Education on Academic Achievement and Social Development of the primary school child.1987

1. Les femmes du Nigeria. Presence Africaine, June – Sept. 1960. pp. 121 – 138; 2. (ed.). Women’s Improvement Society and the Council of Women Societies. The African Woman designs her Future: a seminar for African Women. Ibadan ,1960, 25p. (Mimeographed). 3. Map work for Secondary schools in West Africa. London. Evans, 1962, 32p. Ogunsheye & Faniran 2nd (ed.). 1978; 4. A preliminary bibliography of the Yoruba Language. 5. Maps of Africa – 1800: a bibliographic survey. Journal of the geographical association of Nigeria, Vol. 7, No. 1 1964, pp.36 – 42; 6. Nigerian libraries and the Development Plan. Ibadan, No 19 1964. pp. 36 – 41; 7. A regional School library system. Western Nigeria Library Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 2 December 1964 pp. 21 – 25; 8. Problems of book selection in Nigerian schools. Western Nigeria Library Bulletin, Vol. 1. No. 2, December 1964. pp.21 – 25; 9. Towards a dynamic approach in Library services for Nigeria. (Presidential Address, 1st Annual Conference of the Western Division, Nigerian Library Association, March 1965). Western Nigeria Library Bulletin Vol. 2, No.1 July 1965. pp. 6 – 13; 10. Services to non literates. Western Nigeria Library Bulletin, Vol. 3, No. 1 pp. 19 – 22, July 1966; 11. Sources for African Studies: A Preliminary list compiled by students of the Institute of Librarianship, 1963 – 65, directed and edited by F.A. Ogunsheye, 134p. 12. Sources for African Studies: Op. Cit. Supplement I Library Development and Bibliographic Control in Africa, 1967. 68p. 13. Supplement II. Scientific institutes and Library Resources in Africa, 1968. 107p. 14. Standards for public libraries in West Africa. In : Standards of Practice for West African Libraries, Ibadan, Institute of Librarianship. (Occasional Paper 1), 1969. pp.53 – 65; 15. Nigerian Library Resources in Science and Technology a directory of Libraries, Ibadan, Institute of Librarianship, (Occasional Paper 2) 1970 . 44p; 16. Problems of bibliographic services in Nigeria. Nigerian Libraries Vol. 5, No. 2, December 1969, pp. 62 – 68. 17. Planning for reconstruction: presidential address to the 1969 Conference of the Nigerian Library Association. Nigerian Libraries, Vol. 4, No. 3, December 1968, pp. 58 – 59; 18. Planning for nation building. Presidential address to Annual Conference of the Nigerian Library Association. Nigerian Libraries, Vol. 6, Nos 1& 2, April & August 1970 pp. 11 – 16; 19. Book collection and readers’ Services. Nigerian Libraries, Vol. 5, Nos. 3, December, 1969, pp. 92 – 100; 20. Research as Basis for Development. Presidential address, Nigerian Library Association. Annual Conference, Jos 1971. Nigerian Libraries, Vol. 7, No. 3, December 1971. pp. 89 – 99; 21. Library Education at Ibadan University, Nigeria. UNESCO Bulletin Library Vol. 28, No. 5, September – October 1974. pp 259 – 267. 22. 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History of Bibliography activity in Nigeria, Nigerian Libraries V. 17: 192 58 – 64, 1981. 36. Education and Training for Library and Information Service to rural communities in problems of identifying training needs for library and information service in a pre – dominantly non – literate society ed. by B.O. Aboyade – The Hague FID 1981. Pub. 604; 37. Finding & Utilising Information in Ogun State University Orientation lectures. Ago Iwoye 1983. pp. 26 – 34; 38. Joint Editor: Nigerian Women & Development. Ibadan 1983 1,055p. 39. 21 years of Library Service ————— Nigerian Libraries Vol. 2, 1984; 40. Effect of Library Use Education Programme on academic achievement and social development of the Primary school child. Ibadan. Abadina Media Resource Centre 1987, AMRC Research Report No. 1. 41. Book Scarcity: Implications and Options for Students and Staff of Higher Institutions of Learning. Education Today Vol. 4 No. 1 Dec 1990. pp 31 – 37. 42. The Management of Educational materials for effective learning in Seminar Report Northern States Book Fair Kaduna 1991. 43. The Liberators. I.B.B.Y. 1996 in Press. 44. My First Number Book Ibadan, Spectrum Books 1998 45. My First Alphabet Book .Ibadan, Specrum Books 1998 46. My First Alphabet Reading Book. Ibadan, Spectrum Books. 1998 47. Lara Goes to School . Adet Educational Industry 2000 48. Bibliographic Survey of Sources for Early Yoruba Language and Literature Studies.1820- 1970 . Ibadan University Press 2001. 360p. 49. A Break in the Silence: Lt. Col. Victor Adebukunola Banjo. Ibadan, Spectrum Books. 2001 50. Nigerian Journals: A growth and profile Study .Nigerian Field 67: 3 -17 2002 51. Prospects for knowledge and Information Transfer Transfer managersin Nigeria in the new Millenium in Education This Millenium- innovations in Theory and Practice. ed. by Oluremi Ayodele- Bamisaiye et al. Lagos.Macmillan Nigeria Publishers. 2003. pp.124 – 443. 52. Gentleman Scholar , Husband, Father and Friend in Ayo ogunsheye, the Worker’s Economi ed. S.Ademola Ajayi and Babatunde Sofela. Ibadan, Book Builders. 2012, 256p. 53, Discilpeship. A beginner’s Guide. Ibadan, Freedom Press. 2014, 190p. COMMUNICATIONS 1. The role of Museums and Library Services in West Africa in Promoting cultural diversity and international understanding. Paper read at the International seminar on cultural diversity and national understanding. December, 1970. 2. School libraries organisation and teaching programme: Paper Presented at the commonwealth African Book Development Seminar, Ibadan. Feb. 3 – 15, 1975. 23p. (Mimeographed). 3. School libraries: School Library and Media Resource Centres paper presented at the commonwealth African Book Development Seminar, Ibadan. February 3 – 15, 1975. 10p (Mimeographed). 4. Abadina Media Resource Centre – A Case Study in Library Service to Primary Schools – IASL, August 1977. 21p. 5. An experiment in Library and Information Service to Primary Schools – A Case of Abadina – Nigeria. A Research Report. 31p. 6. The Role of Universities in a rapidly changing society: Paper read at a Symposium at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos; 7. Presidential Address: Developing Nigeria’s Human Resources – Education for the 80’s: First Annual Conference of the Nigerian School Library Association, Benin City, October 26 – 29; 8. Training and Certification of School Library Personnel: Paper read at Nigerian School Library Association Conference, Benin City, October 26 – 29, 1978; 9. Structure and Organisation Alternatives for Faculties of Education in Nigerian Universities: Paper read at the 2nd Meeting of the Deans of Education, Nigerian Universities held at the Conference centre, University of Ibadan, Nov. 22 – 24, 1978; 10. Trends in Library Education Criteria for evaluation of programme – Paper read at the Standing Conference of African Library Schools, May, 1978; 11. Continuing Education: its concept, definitions and objectives (Nigeria) Paper read at the 3rd Meeting of Deans of Faculty of Education, Calabar, 1979. 12. Library Education in the third world. Paper read at University of Pittsburgh School of Library & Information Science; 13. Library & Information Service to Non Literate. Paper read at IFLA Conference Manilla, August, 1980; 14. Use of Library Statistics in Education Development Research – the case of Abadina Resource Project. Paper read at IFLA Congress Manilla, Aug. 1980; 15. Reading and Development of the African Child in Abadina – Paper read at the International Conference on Reading Doula, Cameroons. July 1980. 16. African Children’s Literature in Colloquial languages Lesotho, Dec. 1980; 17. Designing of a National Educational Information at the National Seminar on Education Information System. Kaduna, January 1981; 18. Strategies for promoting communication in educational research; Paper read at the Conference of the International Centre for Educational Evaluation Institute of Education on Priorities in Educational Research in Nigeria. Sept. 5 – 10. 1982; 19. World Bank International Seminar for Development of School Media Services: A Perspective from developing Countries. April 1982. Washington Sept. 1982; 20. 21 – Years of Library Service. Keynote Address. Nigerian Library Association 21st Annual Conference, Ibadan 1983. 37p. 21. Reading for Healthy Living. Paper read at the National Readership Promotion Campaign Symposium. 1983. 22. NSLA Presidential Address, Planning for Media Centre, Akure, November 1982; 23. NSLA 1984, Educational Services Austerity and Resource Sharing, Benin City, April 1984; 24. Experimental research in Librarianship. Problem & Prospects – Paper read in Departmental Seminar June 1985; 25. The Learning Resource Factor in Education. Paper presented at the Nigerian Education Resources Seminar Lagos March 3 1986; 26. Implementation of the National policy on Education – The Educational Resources factor – Paper read at the curriculum Conference. CESAC July, 1985; 27. SLA Conference Kingston – Paper read: Principles for Developing Media Resource Collections. Jamaica. July / August 1985; 28. The Learning Resource Factor and Mass Failure in Public Examinations. Paper read at Faculty of Education – Seminar in Mass Failure in Public Examinations, April 22 – 25, 1986; 29.Reading Association of Nigeria. Strategies for Recreational Reading in Secondary Schools, 1986.

reading, singing, gardening

4, University crescent Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State or 3 Ekiti Street, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Chairman, Constitution Review Committee, Nigerian Library Association, 1963; Chairman, Western Division, Nigerian Library Association, 1964 – 65; Vice-President, Ag. President, Nigerian Library Association, 1966 – 1969; President, Nigerian Library Association, 1969 – 1971; Chairman, Nigerian Library Association Committee on Library Resources, 1971; Member, National Library Board, 1970 – 71; President, Nigerian School Libraries Association – 1977. Delegate at Nairobi UNESCO’s working party in specialists in scientific and technical documentation in Africa and Vice – Chairman of the working party in specialists in scientific and technical documentation in Africa and Vice – Chairman of the working party, 1966. Member of Council, Nigerian Library Association, 1963 – 64 , 1966 – Attended International Bibliography Conference, Nairobi, 1967 and was elected a member, International Bibliography Conference Sub – Committee for African Documentation Centre; Attended International Federation of Library Associations Council meeting in Liverpool, September 1971, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980 Manilla; Member, IFLA Standing Advisory Committee, Section of Library Schools, 1972 – Liverpool, Budapest, Lausanne, Washington, Oslo, Brussels. Member, UNESCO Consultation with a group of experts on the Harmonisation Methodology and Curricula in the Training of Documentalists, Librarians and Archivist, Paris, Jan. 1974. Nigerian Representative on UNESCO Inter – governmental Conference on the Planning of National Documentation Library and Archives Infrastructures, Paris, Sept. 1974. Rapporteur for working group on Library Education; Chairman, Workshop on African Government Publications CAFRAD Tangier, June 1976; President, Association of African Library Schools 1978 – 1980 President, Nigerian School Library Association 1978 – 1990 Chairman (Services) Member Implementation Workshop on National Policy on Education 1979; Attended International Association of School Librarianship Conference Berlin 1976, 1981 – Aberystwith, 1983. Bad Segeberg. Participant F.I.D Conference on Library Education, Mexico 1976. National delegate – 36th Session of the International Conference on Education Geneva 1977; Member UNESCO, Consultative Committee on UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries, Paris 1978; Consultant – Ministry of Trade, Company Records Reorganisation Project 1978 – Chairman, Ogun state Library Advisory Committee 1980. Chairman, Sub – Committee on Library & Educational Services 1980. Chaiman, Advisory Committee on National Educational Information system 1980 – Member, Ogun State University – Curriculum Committee. 1983 Consultant – World Bank Seminar Development of School Media Services 1982 – 1983; Attended International Federation of Library Association, August 1983, Munich. Attended international Meeting, Library Educators on Harmonisation of Curriculum for the Information Profession – Vienna. 1983. IFLA Committee on Equivalences of Library Education – Co – Ordinator for Africa – 1979 – 84. (International Federation of Library Association – IFLA ); International Association of School Librarians – Jamaica, 1985 ORGANIZED: Inaugural Conference of the Western Division, Nigeria Library Association, February 1964. School Librarians’ Workshop, April 1964; Local Government Council Librarians’ Workshop, July 1964; Aslib / Institute of Librarianship, Ibadan University. “Information in the Seventies”. A course for senior Librarians in Nigeria (Sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation), Conference Centre, Ibadan University, 13 – 24 April, 1971; British Council / Department Of Library Studies, University of Ibadan. High Level Seminar on Library Management. A Course for Heads of Libraries in Nigeria. (Sponsored by the British Council), Conference Center, Ibadan University of Ibadan, December 4 – 15, 1972; Department of Library Studies, University of Ibadan. Colloquium on Education and Training for Librarianship in Nigeria, 15 – 19 March 1974, Conference Centre University of Ibadan. Department of Library Studies, University. Workshop on Media Resource Centres and School Libraries, Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, 30 June to 11 July, 1975; International Association of School Librarians Conference, Ibadan, June 1977; Nigerian School Library Association Conference, 1978; Workshop for Nigerian Union of Teachers on School Libraries 1978. Conference of the Association of African Library Schools. 1978. Meetings of Deans of Education, Nigerian Universities, Ibadan, Nov. 1978 Teacher Librarian Workshop, 1979, 1980. Federal Ministry of Education: National Teacher Librarian Workshop November 1982; UNESCO Workshop on Folk Literature as source materials for children’s books in the indigenous languages. February 1983. Federal Ministry of Education Workshop on Supplementary Readers in Nigerian Languages – zone A – Yoruba, Edo, Ebira, Urobo zone – March 1983. OTHER UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES: Warden, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 1966 – 69 Member of the Consultative Committee on Community Development 1965 – 66. Member of the Publications Committee, 1968 – 72 Member of the Library Committee, 1972 – 76 Member of Senate, elected by congregation, 1968 – 1978 Member of Senior Staff School Board of Governors, University if Ibadan, 1966 – 1970; Member Committee, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan 1963 – 1966; 1971 – 72; Assistant Warden, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 1963 – 65; Member of Senate representing the Department of Library Studies, 1970 Mistress, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 1972 – 76; Mistress, New Women Hall, later Idia Hall, 1976 Member of Intermediate and Junior Staff Promotions Committee 1973 – 1975; Member, Appointments and Promotions Committee 1975 – 1979; Dean Faculty of Education 1977 – 1979; Member, Development Committee 1977 – 1979; Chairman, Council Committee on Education, 1978; Member, Board of Survey, 1981. PUBLIC ASSIGNMENTS: President, Women Improvement Society, 1959 – 61c* Secretary, Council of Women Societies, Ibadan, 1957 – 61;c** Board Member, International Alliance of Women, 1958 – 61; ** Organised International Seminar for West African Women – Produced report “The African Women Designs her Future” for international Alliance of Women, 1960. Secretary, West African Council of Women Societies 1960 – 61; ** Member of the commission appointed to review the Educational System of Western Nigeria (Banjo Commission), Dec. 1960 – Jan 1961; * Hon. Secretary, National Association of University Women Societies, Western Nigeria, 1964 – 65;c Vice-President, Nigerian Association of University Women, Ibadan Branch 1964;c Board Member, Yejide Girls School, 1963;* Board member, Queen of Apostles, Girls School, 1972 – 1976;* Vice President, Zonta International, Ibadan 1971 – 73;c President, Nigerian Association of University Women, 1971 – 1975;c Director, National Book Exhibition for FESTAC.1977;** Chairman, Ogun State Library Committee 1979;* Member, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs Library Committee, 1979. ** Treasurer, International Board of Books for Youth. 1982 – 1985 ** Organised Exhibition of African Illustrators of Children’s Books. Bologna 1982**. President, International Board of Books for Youth, 1985 – 1996;** Chairman Ogun State Teaching Service Commission 1987 – 1989.* Chairman Oba Olagbegi Neighbourhood Association 2000 – 2003 c Trustee and Vice President Federation of Bodija Residents Association (FEBERA) 2001- 2004 c Foundation and executive member Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) c Executive member Ages International Nigeria . 2003.c

Her younger brother was the late Colonel Victor Adebukunola Banjo, a soldier in the Biafran Army who was later executed on allegations of plotting a coup against the late Odumegwu Ojukwu, leader of Biafra.
Professor Ogunsheye’s interest in the social field, especially in education, was further demonstrated by her participation in the Banjo commission, whose aim was to reform the system of education in the ten Western Region of Nigeria. The Banjo Report, published in 1961, recommended practical skills to be taught alongside academic subjects. Moreover, in 1964, she was one of the founding members of the Western Branch of the Nigerian Association of University Women (NAUW). This association brought together women academics from all over the country to work towards better curricula for girls in schools and universities and to promote seminars and lectures on the status of Nigerian women in different spheres of life as well as necessary changes to better their living conditions.
Throughout her life, Professor Ogunsheye continued to be involved in activism for women’s social empowerment at city level as well as on a national and international scale. Although currently retired, she is still the president of the western branch of the National Council of Women’s Societies (thus renamed in 1960, upon Nigeria’s independence).

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