OGUNSHEYE, Prof. (Mrs) Adetowun Felicia

Born December 5, 1926

Benin City, Edo State




Cambridge School Certificate, Grade 1 1945, Yaba Higher College Teaching Diploma 1949, B.A. (Geography) Cantab. 1952, M.A. Cantab. 1956, M.L.S. (Simmons)

She is the first woman to study and successfully complete her studies at the Yaba Higher College Diploma programme, she was the first female Dean of Education in a Nigerian university, University of Ibadan, between 1977 and 1979. She is also the first Professor of Library and Information Science
Gender: Female
Name of Spouse Ayo Ogunsheye
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Number of Male Children 1
Profession educationist, librarian,
Working Experience
Previous Appointments:

Headmistress, Anglican Girls Secondary School, Ilesha, 1952-53; Assistant Librarian, University of Ibadan, 1958-61; Librarian I and later Sub Librarian, UI, 1962-63; Lecturer, Department of Library Studies, University of Ibadan, 1963-66; Senior Lecturer, UI, 1967-70; acting Director, Institute of Librarianship, University of Ibadan, 1970-71; associate Professor and acting Head, UI, 1970-73; appointed Professor of Library Studies, 1973, and Head, Department of Library Studies, U1, 1973-77; Dean, Faculty of Education, U1,1977-79; Director, Abadina Media Resource Centre, University of Ibadan, 1974-87; Managing Director, Adet Educational Industry, Ibadan, since October 1987;

Chairman, Constitution Review Committee, Nigerian Library Association, 1963;
Chairman, Western Division, Nigerian Library Association, 1964-65;
Vice-President, Ag. President, Nigerian Library Association, 1966-1969;
President, Library Association, 1969-1971;
Chairman, Nigerian Library Association Committee on Library Resources, 1971;
Member, National Library Board, 1970-71;
President, Nigerian School Libraries Association-1977.
Delegate at Nairobi UNESCO’s working party in specialists in scientific and technical documentation in Africa and Vice -Chairman of the working party in specialists in scientific and technical documentation in Africa and Vice -Chairman of the working party, 1966.

Queen’s College, Lagos 1939-45, Higher College, Yaba,1946-48, University College (now University of Ibadan), Ibadan, 1948-49, Newham College, University of Cambridge, England, 1949-52, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1961-62;

Member, International Federation of Library Associations; member, International Federation of University Women; member. International Alliance of Women; former Secretary, West African Council of Women Societies; one-time President, Women’s Improvement Society; President, Nigerian Association of University Women, 1971-75; member, Zonta International; member, International Association of School Librarians; member, Nigerian Library Association; Chairman, Nigerian Library Association, Western Division, 1964-65; Vice-President and acting President, NLA, 1966-69; President, Nigerian Library Association, 1969-71; President, Nigerian School Libraries Association, 1977-78; President, Association of African Library Schools, 1978;

Iyalaje of lie-Oluji;

Academic publications
‘The Role and Status of Women in Nigeria’, Presence Africaine, Vol. 4 (1960), pp.33-49
A preliminary bibliography of the Yoruba language. Ibadan, 1963.
‘Library education in Nigeria’, Library Materials on Africa, Vol. 6. No. 2 (November 1968), pp.58-60
‘Problem of Bibliographic Services in Nigeria’, Nigerian Libraries, Vol. 5, Issue 2 (1969)
Nigerian Library resources in science and technology. Ibadan: Institute of Librarianship, University of Ibadan, 1970.
‘Library education at Ibadan University, Nigeria’, UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries, Vol. 28, Issue 5 (1974), pp.259-267
‘The future of Library Education in Africa’, Libri, Vol. 26, Issue 4 (1976), pp.268-280
‘Abadina Media Resource Centre (AMRC): A Case Study in Library Service to Primary Schools’, UNESCO Journal of Information Science, Librarianship and Archives Administration, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Jan-Mar 1979), pp.29-36
(ed.) Nigerian women and development. Ibadan, Nigeria: Ibadan University Press, 1988.
Bibliographical survey of sources for early Yoruba language and literature studies, 1820-1970.
Children’s books Edit
My alphabet reading book. Ibadan: Spectrum Books. 1993.
My first alphabet book: A B C. Ibadan: Spectrum Books. 1996.
My first number book: 1 2 3. Ibadan: Spectrum Books. 1996.
Ibadan, Nigeria: Ibadan University Press, 2001.
A break in the silence : a historical note on Lt. Colonel Victor Adebukunola Banjo. Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd, 2001.
Lara and Kariba. Ibadan: Spectrum Books 2003.
Fifty Years of Aso Oke, Ibadan, Spectrum Books,2019.

1.Made a study of 30 institutions-11 University Libraries, 8 Special libraries, 2 Public Libraries, 10 Document centres and 9 library schools in Great Britain and U.S.A learning about new trends in library service and library education. Made a special study of automation in libraries and documentation centres. Questionnaires were filled and data collected for each institution visited.
2. Sources for African Studies-In collaboration with students who studied all States of Africa.
3. Yoruba Language Bibliography.
a. A survey of Yoruba language and Literature
i. An analysis of the literature showing publishing trends and area of intellectual activity.
ii. The isolation of social and other factors that have influenced writing and publishing in the Yoruba language.
b. A Bibliography of Sources and Early writings in and about the Yoruba Language. 1870- 1970.
4. A survey of Reading Habits in An African City – the case of Ibadan for international Federation of Library Associations.
5. Syllabus for the use of Books and Libraries for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Colleges 2nd Edition.
6. Manual for Nigerian School Libraries, 2nd Edition.
7. Director, Abadina Media Resource Centre Research Project I Supported by Senate Research Grant of the University of Ibadan.
8. Effect of School Libraries on Academic performance & social development of the primary school child.
The research covered three areas:
a. Standards and Specifications for School Libraries in Nigeria; The Abadina Media Resource Centre.
b. Syllabus for teaching the use of books and library resources:
The organizers of the programme believe that the complexity of modern bibliographic data and other non – book resources called for special skills that should be taught as part of the school’s curriculum
A syllabus for effective use of books and libraries was developed for primary schools, secondary schools and teacher training colleges, and published.
c. A Research Project:
A six year longitudinal study to test the validity of the following hypotheses:
1. That a formal structured programme of library use education improves learning skills of the primary school child.
2. That Abadina Media Resource Centre’s library education programme affect positively, academic performance of the primary school pupil.
3. That the teaching of such skills will reduce the learning disability or handicap of children from disadvantaged homes.
4. That the interaction of children with media centre affect social development and maturity.
This is a longitudinal study of the progress of the children in the experiment and the corresponding control group over the six year period of the primary school. The report of the six year study showed that children in the experiment, performed significantly better in Language skills, and general knowledge and that there is some correlation between administration of the instruction and superior academic performance social development. The Research indicate that effective use of educational resources could be used to bridge the gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged child.

Awarded Honorary Doctor of Library Science. (Hon、D.L.S), Simmons College, Boston, USA, 1978;
Publications: Map Work for Secondary Schools in West Africa(London, Evans, 1962); Nigerian Library Resources in Science and Technology (Ibadan, Institute of Librarianship, 1970); A Preliminary’ Bibliography of the Yoruba Language (Ibadan)

Honorary Degree: D. LITT University of Ibadan, Ibadan 2012, Lady Clifford Scholar 1942, Yaba Higher College scholar 1946 – 49, Federal Government’s Scholar 1949 – 52, Ford International Fellow 1961 Fulbright Fellowship for Senior African Scholars 1980; HON D.L.S. Simmons College 1969; Simmons College International alumnus award 1979; Hon D. Litt University of Maiduguri 1990; Nigerian Association of University Women United Nations Decade for Women 1975 – 1985 Certificate of merit for Outstanding achievement. Fellow Nigerian Library Association. International Educators Hall of Fame Nigeria 2000; Hon. D. degree Litt Unioversity of Ibadan 2012

She was recently recognized as one of 50 Nigerian HEROINES by the Embassy of Czech Republic in Abuja( October 2023)

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