ABUBAKAR, Prof. Abubakar Sa’ad




B.A; Ph.D; historian, academic, politician,administrator, b: December29,1943; p: Jalihgo; ht: Jalingo;lga: Jalingo; so: Taraba; m: Fatima Yerima Balla, 1978; nc: twos,twod; ed: Jalingo Primary School,nowMuhammadu Nya, 1949^50;Gobarau Primary School, Katsina, 1950-51, Jalingo Primary, 1952; Middle School Yola, 1953-55; Provincial Secondary, Yola, nowGen.Murtala Muhammed College, 1956-61; Provincial Secondary School; Kano; nowRumfaCollege, 1962-63; Ahmadu BelloUniversity, 1964-67; 1967-70; cr: asst Lecturer, Ahmadu Bello University, 1969-70; LecturerII, 1970-72; Lecturer1,1972-75:snr. Lecturer, 1975-79; Reader in History,"University ofMaiduguri, 1980-81; prof.Nigerian History, d-v-c Administration, 1985-87; ag.v-c 1985; prof. Nigerian History, UniversityofAbuja,since 2000; Ambassadorof theFederal RepublicofNigeria tothe Swiss Cortfe'deratiorr, Bern, 1987-92,where he recovered stolenBeninBronzeheadaboutbeingauctioned for3 million US Dollars; University of Maiduguri, ag. Head,'Department of World History, amiCivilization,198f>81; Head, DepartmentofHistory, 1981-82;Co-ordinator, Remedial YearProgrammes, 1980-82,84-87;Co-ordinator ofAdmissions, 1980-82,84-87;Dean,FacultyofArts, 1984-85; 85-87,93-95;c-erHistory, ' CollegesofEducation, Jalingo,Maiduguri and Hong, 1980-82; National comm.(NECON)HDQS)i/cLogistics, thenFinance, 1996-98; dinCDL&CE, UniversityofAbuja,2000-2003; ch: Board ofdirs: North-East Italian Shoes Company Ltd.Maiduguri, 1975-77; Scholarship Board,Gongola State,Yola, 1976-78; Gongola State Universal Primary Education Implementation Committee,Yola, 1976-78;Ministerial Tenders Board, Ministry ofHealth, Yola,1976-1978;; Provisional Council,CollegeofEducation Jalingo, 1977- 78;Council, College ofPreliminarystudies, Yola, 1976-78; Board ofdirs. LakeChad Hotel Ltd., Maiduguri, 1984-87;.University of Maiduguri, Committee ofAffiliated Colleges, 1984-87; Committeeon.Certiftcate and Diploma Programmes, 1984-87; Committee ofHall Masters andWardens, 1981-82;198547; StudentsAffairsCommittee, 1985-87; ContactGroup, Re-launching Endowment Fund, 1995; Faculty Business Committee, 1993- 95; FacultyQ)nunitteeofTleadsofBepartments, 1993-95; Faculty Postgraduate Committee, 1993-95; Faculty Appraisal Panel, 1993-95; Faculty Research and Publications Committee,1993-95; Ad-hoc Committee to investigatea caseof student misconduct intheDepartmentofArabicandIslamic Stud ies, I994;Ad-hocCoinmitteeoh Maintenance Requirements, 1995; Special Council Committeebn thewritingof History of University of Maiduguri for theSilver Jubilee, 1975-2000; UniversityofAbuja; ch:Special Commitfeeon Preliminary Screeningand DrawingCriteria/ScoreCard for theinterview ofApplicants to some positions of Principal Officers, 2000; Senate/Council Committee on ReviewofGuidelines for Appointment and Promotions ofAcademic Staff, 2001;-Ad-hoc Committee on Drafting Linkage Academic Programme, UniversityofAbujaarid American University, Washington, 2001-02;Boardof dfrsi Niger Insurance Pic, Lagos, 1980-82; GoverningCouncil, Yaba College ofTechnoIogy; Lagos, 1983; Logistics Committee, NECON;. 1996-97; F& GPC.NECON, 1997-98; Presidential Visitation Panel, Federal Universityof Technology, Minna, 1999; CDL& CE, University ofAbuja; dir. 2000-03; ch. Management Committee, Academic Board andAdmissidns Committee, 2000-2003; ch: Sabbatical and Inaugural LecturesCommittee, University of Abuja, 2000; mm: National Antiquities Commission, now National Commission forMuseumandMonuments, Lagos, representing N.E.State, 1972-76;Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Board ofGovemqrs;Insti(ute of Education, 1973-75;Board ofGovernors, Institute ofAdministration; Kongo, 1973-75; Senate, representing FASS, 1973-75; Academic and Professional Board, Institute ofEducation, 1973-75; Academic and Professional Board, Institute of Administration; 1973-75; North Eastern State, Maiduguri: Consultative Committee, 1973-75; Scholarship Board, 1973-75; State Executive Council, comm. ofTrade, Industry and Co-operatives, 1975-76; Education, 1976-78; Health, 1978; Tenders Board; 1975-76; State Executive Council, Gongola State, Yola; National Council of Education, 1976-78; National Council of Health,! 978; dir: Board of NICON, Lagos, 1980-83; Joint Admissionsand Matriculation Board; 1984-87; National Commission for UNESCO, FME, Lagos, 1985-87; University ofMaiduguri;Tender Board, 1984-87;A&PC;(Admin/S Tech), 1985-87; Honorary Degree Committee, 1985-87; mm: Senate, 1980-82; 1984-87; 1993-95; Health Services Committee, 1985-87; SecurityCommittee, 1985-87; Sports Council, 1985- 87; AdmissionsCommittee, 198446,1993-95; Committee ofProvosts and Deans, 198-87; 1993-95; Library Committee, 1984-87,1993-95; Board of Postgraduate Studies, 1985-87,1993^95; Ad4iocCommitteeon Works and Maintenance Department 1994; Committee forthe Review ofRegulation GoverningAppointments and promotions ofAcademic Staff, 1994;Ad hoc Committee, home leave passages, Expatriate Staff, 1995; Development Committee, 1993-95; CommitteednAffiliated Colleges, 1993-95;SBCArts/ Education, 1992-93; 1993-95; Launching Committee, Endowment Fund, 1985-J36; Steering.Committee, Re-launching Endowment Fund, 1995; University ofAbuja, Senate,2000; Council Ad-hocCommittee onUniversity Autonomy, 2000-2001;Ad-hocCommittee onLinkage Uniabuja withAmerican University, Washington,2001; Committee of Deansand dirs. 2000-2003; SenateBusinessCommittee,2000^2003; CDL&CE Management Board, •i 2000^003;Senate PublicationsCommittee, 2000; Governing Council, 2000; Finance and General Purpose Committee 2000; Council Committee on ;; UNIABUJA Venture, 2002; Field Service Committee, NECON, 1996-98; Research Committee, NECON, 1996-98; Works and Estate Cornmjttee, NECON, 1996-98; Information and Publicity Committee, NECON, 1996- 98;Ceremonial Committee, 1994-S5; GoverningBoard CTSS, University of Maiduguri, 1995; International African Institute, London, 1975-78; mm. Historical Society ofNigeria, 1969;Archeological Society ofNigeria, 1993; . Political ScienceAssociationofNigeria, 1994;Borno Museum Society, 1994; f: Historical Society ofNigeria;2004; e-e: Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria, .. 1984-85; 1986; BUK, Kano, 1985-86; 1986-87; 2002; ABU,Zaria, 1986; . UniversityofIbadan,1995;Colleges ofEducation, Jalingo,Maiduguriand Hong, 1980-82;Assessor,professional candidate,BayeroUniversity, Kano, 1987,1993,1995; Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto, 1991;Attended : AnnualConferenceofthe NigeriaArchaeologicalSociety, Maiduguri,1993- 95;International Workshopon DistanceEducation, Abuja,2000;Conference ofNigeria HeadsofDiplomatic Missionsin Europe, London,1988; various meetingsofthe United Nations Agencies, 1LO,UNCD,HRC, 1987-92; tt: v Ubandoma Miiri, 1978; Taiban MararabaKarn,2000; pub): 77k? Lamibeof Fombina:APolitical History ofAdamawa. /AW-/90/, ABU/Oxfprd University Press, 1977; Papers on Nigerian History, Vol.1, SUFFA, Abuja,1996; The . Foundation andGrowthofthe University ofAbufa, 19.8.8-2001, Un\buja, 2Q01; Notes t>n theSokoto Caliphate. SUFFA, Abuja,2004;TheChallenges ofNation Building: Nigeria Which Way Forward? Joyce Graphic Publishers, Kaduna, 2003,to mention a few; pp: National Party of Nigeria(NRN), State Secretary, Gongola State, 1978-80; Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), • Gubernatorial aspirant2002; AllNigeria Peoples Paty(ANPP), Gubernatorial candidate, 2003; hob:reading, writing, classical music, off: Department of : History, University of Abuja, P.M.B. 117, Abuja; res: Plot 311,Libreville Street, offAminu Kano CrescentWuse II,P.O.Box 1803; Garki, Abuja; tel: 09-523124; e-m:[email protected]; pha: 19Ahmadu BelloWay,GRA, Jimeta, Yola,AdamawaState;tel: 075-624154,625351.
Gender: Male
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Profession Historian , Politician , Administrator , University Lecturer
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