ADETOYE, Prof Martins Akindele

Born October 11, 1960


Martins, Akindele

Bsc., Msc,, Ph.D

Gender: Male
Marital Status
  • Married
Name of Spouse
State of Origin: Ekiti State
Father's Name
Father's Status N/A
Mother's Name
Mother's Status N/A
Profession Lecturer
Working Experience

Consultant, DFID. 2001 till Date.

Previous Appointments:

Experience Outside the University
– Social Mobilization Officer, MAMSER 1988-1991;

– Programme Officer, National Orientation Agency 1991-1993;

– Principal Officer, Planning, Research and Statistics, NOA. 1994-1996;

University Teaching Experience

– Assistant Lecturer, Political Theory, University of Ado-Ekiti, 1997-2000;

– Lecturer II, Comparative Politics, University of Ado-Ekiti , 2000-2003;

– Lecturer 1, Contemporary political Analysis, University of Ado-Ekiti, 2003-2006;

– Senior Lecturer, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, 2006;

– Member, Committee on Review of MDGS Contracts and Projects in Ekiti State 2007-2011

– Associate Professor, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, 2013;

– Professor, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, 2016.

Service within the University
– Secretary-General, Academic Staff Union of Universities, University of Ado Branch;
– Chairman, Students-Lecturers’ Relations, Department of Political Science;
– Member, Endowment Fund Committee of the University of Ado-Ekiti;

Service Outside the University
– Programme Consultant, National Orientation Agency, Ado-Ekiti;
– Programme Consultant, National Orientation Agency, Akure;
– Member, Ekiti State Consultative Forum at the Presidency, Abuja;
– Member, Ekiti State Reform Team of State and Local Government Programme (SLGP) British Department for International Development (DFID). 2001 – 2005;
– Public Affairs Commentator/Analyst & Artiste, Public Affairs Programmes. BSES, AM/FM and EKTV;
– Vice Chairman, Public Service Committee of SEEDS Document Preparation;
– Secretary, Civil Service and Parastatals Transition Committee of Segun Oni administration.


(Research in Progress)

– From Authoritarianism to Democracy: A Comparative Study of Nigerian and South African Democratic Projects.

– ICPC and Corruption in Public Offices in Nigeria: The Problem with the Solution

(Research Completed but not yet Published)
– Ethnic Militarism: An emerging Phenomenon in Nigeria’s Democratization Process.

– Regimes Turn Over, Militarism and Repression in Africa: The Case of Nigeria.

– Continuity and Change in the voting Behavior of Nigerians: A Critical Examination of 2003 Elections in the South West.

– Political Activism and Participation in Union Activities Among Nigerian University Lecturers.

– Election Tribunals as Vector of Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria: The South-West in Focus.

– The Political Economy of the Struggle for Reclamation of Mandates, Election tribunals and godfatherism in Nigeria: A view on the South-West (2007-2010).

– Albinism, the Sociocultural and Political conceptions and Perception of the Yoruba of South-western Nigeria of Albinos: Interrogating the Effect of Albinistic Phenotype on Political Participation.

– Adetoye, D. : “Nigeria’s Strategic Interest in Chad” B.Sc. Thesis, Department of Political Science University of Ibadan, 1984;

– Adetoye, D. : “Continuity and Change in Nigeria’s Policy towards Arab-Israeli Conflict”. M.Sc. Thesis, Department of International Relations, University of Ife , 1987;

– Adetoye, D. : “The Politics and Contradictions of Ekiti State Creation”. Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan, 2010

Chapters in Books

– Adetoye, D. : “Political Mobilization and Abacha Transition Programme” Kolawole, D. and Mimiko, N. (eds.) Political Democratization and Economic Deregulation Under the Abacha Administration 1993-1998 Ado-Ekiti, Department of political Science, University of Ado-Ekiti Chapter 6, Pp. 60-68. Nigeria, 1998;

– Adetoye, D. : “Bureaucracy and Development in Ekiti State: The Socio-Cultural Context” Adesina, W. and Olufayo, O. (eds.) Bureaucracy: The Sociological Insight Ado-Ekiti, Kaycee Publishers. Chapter 5, Pp. 80-88). Nigeria, 2000;

– Adetoye, D. : “Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency in the Nigerian Public Service” in Femi Omotoso (ed.) Contemporary Issues in Public Administration Lagos, Bolabay Publishers. Chapter 7, Pp. 85-92. Nigeria, 2001;

– Adegoroye, A and Adetoye, D. : “Cultism and Administration of Higher Education in Nigeria” in Femi Omotoso (ed.) Contemporary Issues in Public Administration. Lagos: Bolabay Publications. Chapter 18, Pp. 221-227. Nigeria, 2001;

– Adetoye, D. : Improving the Productivity of Academic Staff in University System: The Quality Control Angle. In Uguru-Okorie, D.C. (ed.) (2002). Re-Engineering Higher Education in Nigeria. A Social Science Perspective. Ado Ekiti. Chapter 7, PETOA Educational Publishers. Pp63-68. Nigeria, 2002;

– Adetoye, D. : “Anglo–Nigeria Defence Pact” in Kolawole, D. Nigerian Foreign Policy since Independence: Trends, Phases and Changes. Lagos: Julius and Julius Associates. Chapter 3, Pp. 24-34. Nigeria, 2004;

– Adetoye, D. : “The State, Bureaucracy and Corruption In Public Offices: The Nigerian Phenomenon”, in Agagu A.A and Ola R. F (eds.)Development Agenda of the Nigerian State Ibadan, FIAG (Nigeria) Publishers, Chapter 18, Pp. 341-35. Nigeria, 2007;

– Adetoye, D. and Ajayi, T. : “Comparative Politics of Socialist States”, in Agagu A.A. and Femi Omotoso (eds.) (2010) Readings In Public Policy Analysis And Comparative Studies. Porto Novo, Editions SONOU d’ Afrique (ESAF), Chapter 9, Pp. 214-230. Benin Republic, 2010

– Adetoye, D. : “Ekiti State House of Assembly 1999-2011: A longitudinal Analysis”. In Ojo, E. O and Omotola, J.S. (eds.) The Legislature and governance in Nigeria (1999-2011). Ibadan. John Archers. Pp289-313. Nigeria, 2014;

Articles That Have Appeared in Learned Journals

– Adetoye, D. : “A Dimensional Analysis of Electoral Changes in Nigeria 1964-1993” The Nigeian Journal of Political Behaviour 1(1): 123-133. Nigeria, 1997;

– Daodu, S. and Adetoye, D. : “Employee Tenure and Position Status as Determinants of Commitment to the Organization”. The Journal of Psychological Studies, 2(1): 11-19. Nigeria, 1998;

– Adetoye, D. : “The Concept of the State in Traditional and Western Political Thoughts” OLOTA: Journal of African Studies, 2(2): 47-56. Nigeria, 1998;

– Adetoye, D. : “State Creation and the Paradox of Ethnic Politics: The Case of Ekiti State” The Journal of Health and Social Issues. 1(2): 64-71. Nigeria, 1999;

– Omole, Tale and Adetoye, D. : “Globalization and African Non Governmental Organizations as Vectors of Development”. The Journal of Policy Initiatives. 3(2): 1-8. Nigeria, 2000;

– Adetoye, D. : “National Integration and Mobilization Strategies in Nigeria: The Roles of MAMSER and NOA” The Nigerian Journal of Counseling Education NIJOCED 2(1): 86-94. Nigeria, 2002;

– Olaniyan, A. O. and Adetoye, D. : “Power Rotation and Political Stability in Nigeria” International Journal in Management and Social Sciences. IJMSS. 01(050): 26-40. India, 2013;

– Adetoye, D. and Omilusi, M. : “The Role of the Academia and Civil Society in Ensuring Free and Fair Elections” International Journal in Management and Social Sciences. 01(06): 1-7. India, 2013;

– Ogunleye, A.J. and Adetoye, D. : “The Role of Religiosity and Perceived Social Support on Risky Sexual Behaviour among Graduates in Nigeria: Implications for Public Policy Administration” Elixir International Journal. Elixir Soc. Sci. 61 (2013): 16911-16916. United States of America, 2013;

– Ogunleye, A. J. Oluwajuyitan, F.R. and Adetoye, D. : “Influence of Locus of Control, Religious Affiliation and Religiosity on Paranormal Beliefs among Young Adults” Nigerian Journal of Applied Behavioural Science. 1(2013): 56-67. Nigeria, 2013;

– Adetoye, D. and Olaniyan, A. : “Minorization of the Majority: The Politics of Ekiti State Creation and the Limits of Homogeneity Thesis in Nigeria. Journal of Social Sciences. J Soc Sci.40 (3): 315-321. New Delhi, India, 2014;

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– Adetoye, D. and Omilusi, M. : Ethnicity, Federalism and State Creation in Nigeria: Exploring Political Economy as a Theoretical Framework. European Journal of Research in Social Sciences. 4(3): 20-25. United Kingdom, 2016.

Conferences/Workshops Attended

– Workshop on Pedagogy & Methodology for Young Scholars in Political Science in Nigeria Universities. Organized by African Political Science Association, Harare held at Lagos State University, 5-12 February, 2001;

– Study Tour to South Africa 3rd – 14th October 2002. Sponsored by DFID (British Council);

– Workshop on Elections in Nigeria Organized and Sponsored by International Federation of Electoral Studies held at University of Ibadan Conference Centre, 31 May – 1st june, 2006;

Department of Political Science, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti.

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