AIYEPEKU, Prof Wilson Olabode

Born August 23, 1942




BA, PGDipLib, Ph.D, FIInfSc

Gender: Male
Marital Status
  • Married
Name of Spouse Margaret Omotayo Ibilola, 1967 (Late)
Father's Name
Father's Status N/A
Mother's Name
Mother's Status N/A
Number of Male Children 2
Number of Female Children 2
Profession Eminent Information Scientist , University Lecturer
Working Experience

Founder/CEO, BLISS International Ltd.

Previous Appointments:

– Temporary Library Assistant, Northern Nigeria Regional Library Services, Kaduna, June-August 1963;

– Senior Library Assistant, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, January – September, 1964;

– Graduate Assistant (Librarian Trainee), Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 1967-68;

– Lecturer, later Senior Lecturer, University of Ibadan, 1969- 83;

– Consultant, Hilman Library, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, July – September, 1972;

– Member, Editorial Team, Nigerian Libraries (Lagos), official journal of the Nigerian Library Association,1973 – 1980;

– Consultant, Cowpea Thesaurus Project, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, July – September 1975;

– Sub-Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, August 1975 – July 1977;

– Programme Advisor, Information Sciences Division, International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada, August 1980 – September 1981;

– ARCIS Project Coordinator, University of Ibadan, IDRC and UNESCO (jointly), October 1982 to October 1990;

– Head, Dept. of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan, August 1983 – July 1985;

– Consultant, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Paris, June 1984;

– Resource Person, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, September 1986;

– Head, Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan, August 1988- October 1990;

– Consultant, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, August 1990;

– Director, Africa Regional Centre for Information (ARCIS), University of Ibadan, Nigeria, November 1990 to October 1996;

– Consultant, Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa (1993);

– Consultant, World Bank/Global Environment Facility

– Consultant, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa;

– Consultant, International Federation of Library Associations, The Hague.

– Associate/ Member/ Fellow, Institute of Information Scientists, 1975-80, 1980-85, 1986;
– Member, Society for the Social Study of Science, 1976-;
– Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Information Science, official journal of the Institute of Information Scientists (London) since 1979;
– Member, Editorial Team, Education for Information (Amsterdam) since I992;
– Member, Editorial Team, Information Technology for Development (Bombay) since I995.

Government School, Okene, 1957-63, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 1964-67, University of Ibadan, 1968- 69, October 1969-October 1973 (part-time), University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, 1972-73.

1961: Commonwealth Essay Competition, Junior First Prize;
1962: Commonwealth Essay Competition, Senior Second Prize.


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123. Technical Report Writing; a series of 14 study units written for the National Open University of Nigeria’s School of Science and Technology. Lagos, 114p. (Course CIT 783 in the MSc Information Technology Programme)


Since his retirement from academia in October 2005, his activities have focused on two areas:

First, establishing and consolidating a Knowledge Management consultancy, BLISS International Ltd. (as well as exploring its publishing aspects in a subsidiary outfit, BLISS International Publishing.

Second, founding a Research, Writing, & Teaching Ministry essentially to produce high-quality publications in order to promote evangelism. The following titles have since been published.

1. Aiyepẹku, W. Ọlabọde, Lifting the Burden of My Generation (2007) – a public lecture discussing some socio-cultural challenges in community development, 26p. Ibadan BLISS International, 26p. (ISBN: 978-2397-15-6)
2. Aiyepẹku, W. Ọlabọde, Fulfilling the Law of Christ: The Caring Ministry in Practice (2011). The YMCA of BOMAC, Olubadan Estate, Ibadan. xviii, 102p. (The YMCA Series in Purposeful Christian Living, No. 1 – ISBN: 978-2397-98-9).
3. Aiyepẹku, W. Ọlabọde, 376 Memorable Quotes & Comments for Meditation, Evangelism, Self-education (2012) Ibadan, BLISS International, xxviii, 267p. (Hardcover: ISBN: 978-2397-21-0) (Softcover: ISBN: 987-2397-29-6)
4. Aiyepẹku, W. Ọlabọde, Soaring Above the Storms of Life: Christian Attitudes in Pain, Suffering Adversity (2013) Ibadan, BLISS International 175p. ISBN: 978-978-2397-22-5.
5. Aiyepẹku, W. Ọlabọde and Kumapayi, T. ’Dọtun, Becoming Fitter, Healthier, Stronger: Spiritual Exercises in Training for Godliness, 2016. Ibadan, Church of Nigeria Missionary Society (CNMS), 180p. (EVANIP Series No. 1 of the CNMS). ISBN 978-978-2397-26-3.
6. Aiyepẹku, W. Ọlabọde, Building Christlike Character: Christian Brand-marks of Jesus. Ibadan, Church of Nigeria Missionary Society (CNMS), 2017, xxiii, 438p. (EVANIP Series No. 2 of the CNMS). ISBN 978-978-2397-24-9 (Hardcover).

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