ZAYYAD, Alh (Dr) Hamza Rafindadi

FIRST NORTHERN CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT He was bom onSeptember 16*, 1937to the distinguishedfamilyof WasiriZayyan in RafindadiQuartersof Katsina State. He attendedRafindadiEkmentay Schoolfrom 1945 to 1948; KatsinaMiddk School 1948 1950; Barewa Colkge, Zaria, 1951 1956; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technokgy, Ghana (to study Accounting there was astudent demonstration, andso he wasgiven admission at) Leeds Colkge of Commerce where he studiedin 1961-62. He obtainedaMasters degree in SocialScience in 1974from Birmingham University;Associate membership of ICAN, having become afelkw in 1979, Felkw of the InternationalBankers 1978; Felkw Institute of Personnel ManagementofNigeria 1978,Associate of theNigerianInstitute ofManagement 1989. After his studies, he startedfull time work as an Accountant with the Ministy of Finance, Treasuy Division, Northern Nigerian Government 1963; Lecturer, Treasuy Training School, Kaduna 1963 1964; Staff Development Training Centre, Kaduna 1964 1965; Treasurer, Nigerian Red Cross, Kaduna Branch 1964 1965; Deputy Chief Accountant, Nigerian Produce Marketing Company NPMC, Lagos 1965 1966;Ag. Chief Accountant, NPMC, March November 1966; Chief Accountant, ABUZaria 1966 -1968; Bursar, ABU Zaria 1968-1975; Group Managing Direaor, New Nigeria Devekpment Co. Ltd. Kaduna 1976 1981; member, National Council of the Nigerian Red Cross 1965 1967; NationalScouts Council 1966 1970;ABU Governing Council',Boardof Governors, ABUInstitute of Health 1968 1976;ABUInstitute of Agricultural Research, Zaria 1968 1976; Institute of Administration 1968 1976; Institute of Education 1968 1976; ABU Council 1976 1981; North CentralState Government PublicAccounts Committee 1969 to 1981; NationalAnimalProduction Research Institute, 1977 1'981'; North CentralState GovernmentDevelopment Committee 1969 1976; Council of the Nigerian Stock Exchange 1984 1988; Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Board 1976 1'981'; Direaor, Bank of the North Limited 1'970 1975; Pan African Bank Limited 1970 1973; NewNigeria Development Company Limited 1968 1975; Cement Company of Northem Nigeria, Sokoto; Highway Construction Company;John Holt Investments Limited 1981 1988; Northern Nigeria Investment Umited 1976 1981;Arewa Hotek (Devekpment) Limited 1976 1981). Northern HotekUmited 1977 1981; Nigerian AgriculturalPromotions Company Umited 1976 to 1981; Nigerian Aluminium Extrusions Umited 1979-1981; Kaduna Textiks Umited 1977 1981 CentralBank of Nigeria 1975-1984; Chairman, NNDCUmited 1976-1981 1981; Arewa Textiks Umited 1976-1981; Nigerian Uather Works Umited 1978-1981; NEWDEVCOFinance ServicesUmited1979-1981; Code ofCondua, Nigerian Stock Exchange 1988;Nigerian Stock Exchange, Kaduna Branch 1984-1986; Katsina State Development Company Umited 1990-1992; Technical Committee on Privatisation and Commercialisation 1988-1994; Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, University of Ikrin 1984-1986; Vice Chairman, ConsultativeAssembly on the Reform of Nigerian Company Law 1988; ChairmanBureau ofPublicEnterprises 1994. He was Honoured by the InternationalBankersAssociation New York, USA 1979; Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (FIHM) 1980;Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) 1988;ABU(D. Utt) 1989 and Katsina StateMeritAward 1989. Hewas awardedCONCommanderofthe Orderofthe Niger by theAbdukalami Administration in 1999 andOFROfficerofthe FederalRepublic in 2000 by the Obasanjo regme. Ako on September 19,2002 in recognition of his brilliance, hardwork, honesty andtranspareny, kcally and internationally, theNNDCimmortalised him by renaming the NNIL Building in Kaduna after him. Ako named after him is the BureauforPublicEnterprises Headquarters inAbuja in March, 2003forpositively impacting on the privatisationprogramme of the Federal Government as it was his vision whichpaved wayfor many Nigerians to own sharesin manyprivatisedcompanies. AstheftrstChairman, hesteeredtheprivatisationprocessfrom 1988 to 1999. ".. Similarly, thepeople of this region, though almost equally diverse in their creeds, culture and tribal origins, have in a relatively short pace of time bound themselves together in a unity based on tolerance and equal rights. Thepractice of these ideals, which reflect our belief in the equality of man before Cod, encourages us to think that when the time comesfor us, aspart of the Federation of Nigeria, to take ourplace in the Commonwealth we too, though the youngest member, will have a spiritual contribution to make to its Councils" The Sardauna, SirAhmadu Bello
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