ANTIA, Prof. Effiom FAS

Prof. Effiom Antia is the First Professor of Oceanography in Nigeria, specialising in geological and physical oceanography. His research versatility, as evidenced by his over 200 oral and technical presentations, led to his nomination in 2015 by the International Council for Science Union as a pioneer member of its Consortium on Hazard and Disaster in Africa. He is a Fellow of the African Academy of Science and a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science. He recently headed the National Centre for Marine Geosciences (NCMG), a centre of excellence of the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA). Prof. Antia is a leading advocate of integrated marine sciences education at tertiary level in Nigeria.
Gender: Male
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Profession Professor , Oceanographer , Geologist
Working Experience

Professor, National Centre for Marine Geosciences

SCHOOLS ATTENDED: University of Calabar; Universität Bremen / University of Bremen, 1988 – 1992.


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– Antia, Effiom. (1996). Rates and patterns of migration of shoreface-connected sandy ridges along the southern North Sea coast. Journal of Coastal Research. 12. 38-46.

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