OGBADU, Hon. Daniel

MP,MHA MINISTER OF STATE ECONOMIC PLANNING Daniel Ogabdu was bom in the old Igala Division of the present Kogi State in 1928. He started his education at home in the CMS. School'Ayangba and later went to Dekina Higher Ekmentary School. He later attended Britsih Council Study School on Local Government in Kano as well as other courses in Ibadan and other parts of the Country. After School, Daniel Ogbadu worked extensively with the IgalaNA. and held many high and responsibk positions. He later became the Legal and Judicial Adviser to the Igala Native Authority Courts. Being one of the early elites in the locality, it was important that he becamepartof the movement that stirred the consciousness of his people. Hegave them good kadership and they in turn trusted him and ekaed him as their Representative first into the Northern House of Assembly and later into the Federal House of Representatives. It was from the latter house that the Tafawa Bakwa Government appointed him Ministerof State for Economic Planning in which position he served from 1960 to 1961 when he returned home after losing ekction to a rival party. But his name had already been written in Gold. He was the Ministerof Economic Planning when the blueprintfor the economic developmentof the former Northern Region was worked out which kd to the formation of one of the biggest conglomerates in Africa. The Northern Nigeria Marketing Board. Heparticipatedfully in the political enlightenment programme of the Northern Region which aimed at encouraging Northerners to educate their children tojoin the Nigerian Army, the Police andthe CivilService. He participated actively in the struggkfor Independence. As memberof the House of Representatives Business Committee, he took part in the Conferencefor the drawing up the Economic Programme from Nigeria at Ibadn University in 1955. He diedinApril 1997asa Senior Councillor to theAttahof Igala.
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