State of Origin: Anambra Local GovernmentArea: Nnewi North Joe Igbokwe is by training and qualification a mechanical engineer. Ilis love for the society is not to be expressed only invention but also putting human faces on the discoveries of intellectual men and women. Joe's concern for humanity has made him articulate moreon the needs ofthe human person than on his intellectual study ofscience and engineering. He is awell-groomed person in both philosophy and abstract metaphysics and consequently his ideas seem to be too far above the ordinary person. Yet Joe does not speak above the limits ofhis audience. He is agood teacher and a motivator. Engr lgbokwe's love and practice ofEngineering have not died but his love for humanity has made him articulate issues that face the ordinary man who uses his scientific discovery. Joe is 48 years but looks younger than his age. Ilis insightful mind does not wink at the social injustices, inequalities, and inconsistencies that characterise the Nigerian scene. He was only 14 when the Civil war ended but the impact ofgruesome war in his formative years between the ages of 10 and 14 have left marks that make him reflect on the essence andmeaning of life andexistence in general. There is no way he would turn his backon the plight ofhis people- the Igbo. Achievement and Prospects • Joe is the President of First Grade International Motor Company based in Lagos. So that gives him the opportunity to practise Mechanical Engineering someofthe time and all the time when he wants it. Besides, hisreflection on life is not given a second place. He isthe Author ol"book and his newspaper- The National Vision toaddress issues ofpublic interests and proffers solution. As a practical man. he diagnoses the problems and suggests practical ways to solve them, lie is not a theorist buta pragmatic andempirical philosopher- empiricism is part ol" his knowledge of science. He is the author of The Igbo: 25years after the Biafra (1995) an analysis ol'the plight ol'the Igbo a quarter of a century after the gruesome war ofgenocide that did not respect any international convention and killed over a million people including young children, women, students in the primary schools, etc. He is also the author of Still Waters: The History of All Saints Anglican ChurchSurulere,Lagos • He is the publisher of National Vision Newspapers Ltd(1997) • Ile is the author of Heroes ofDemocracy (1999) • Co-authored, 2007: The IBB Option ( 2004) This Icon isa Prophet who sees far beyond his peers and forth tells and foretells. He is both a forth teller and a lore- teller. He has lived his altruistic life for the good of his people.
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