INYANG, Ita William

Banking and Management Consultant, Managing Director, I.W. Nig. Ltd.; LGA:: Ikono; Born: Dec. 3, 1943; Pa: William Inyang( d) and Mendie Udo; Married to Christiana Ita Inyang; PrevIously Married to Nse Akpan Ukpong; Children: Esther(25), Uwem(23), Ime(21), Iboro(I9), Abasiakama(2); Education: Methodist Boys High Sch., Oron, 1958-61, W ASC; Methodist College Uzuakoli, 1962-63; Univ. oflbadan, 1964-67, B. Sc. Econs (Ho ns); Un iv. orLondon, 197 1-72, LLB Inter, Also holds Advanced Management Diplomas of Henley, the Management College, 1986 and of Cranfie ld I nstitute of Technology, England, 1980; Career and Work History: Seni or Supe rvisor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Lagos, 1968-69; Ass!. Manager, 1970-72; Deputy Manager, 1973-75, Manager, 1976; Manager, Mercanti le Bank, Ca labar, 1976-77, Company Secretary, 1978-84; Asst. Gen. Manager 1984-90; Manger/CEO, Akwa Ind ustrial Development and Finance Company, Uyo, 1990-92, Managing Director/CEO, I. W. Nigeria Lim ited, Uyo, I 992- present; Special WOI'k Related Activities: Founded and Pioneered the growth of Akwa Ibom Industr ia l Development Finance Company Limited, Estab lished a successfu l fin ance Consultancy Company in the private sector; C ivic and Political Activities: Pres ident, Mbioku I kot Odung. 1982- present; Project Leade r, Mbio Oku Ikot Odung. Ikono, 1982-86; Mem., AKS Task Force on Environmental Sanitation, 1988-90; Mem., AKS Education Tru st Fund, 1990-9 1; Mem., NRC State COlllm ittee. 1993: Patron, Choir Methodist Church Nig. MbioOku. 1990: Professional Memberships: Mem.. Greenland A SSCI1 o f Henley; The Management College, England ; Mem., Institute of Directors of Hen ley. England; Mem., Asscn of Company Secretaries of Quoted Companies; Religious Affiliation : Methodist; Hobbies and Interests: Readin g. Table Tennis; om·co: I.W . Niger ia Limited, 50 Oron Road, Box 2325. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Tel: (085)202826; Home: Plot 105 . Unit A. Lagos Street Ewet 1·lousing Estate, Uyo. AKS, Tel: (085)203176.
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