Painter Address: Federal School of Arts &Science. PMB 562, Ondo, Ondo State. Birth: January 1, 1948, in Ketu near Ejinrin, Lagos State. Training: Auchi Polytechnic, 1975-1976; Federal Advanced Teachers College, Pankshin, April-July 197o; BA in fine arts, University of Nigeria, 1981. Profile: Full name, Michael Adesanya Joshua Irrifere; formerly known as Michael Joshua Adesanya; graphic designer, Ogun State Ministry of information, Abeokuta, 1977-1979; art editor, T ie Ondo Corper, 1981-1982; lecturer, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, 1981-1982: art teacher, Sc. Helen's feacher Training College, Ondo, 1982; art teacher, Orimolade Community Grammar School, Ondo, 1982; founder/heac, Department of Fine &Applied Arts, Federal School of Arts & Science, Ondo, from 1982; teacher, St. Francis Grammar School, Ile-O'uji, 1987. Solo Exhibitions "Reflections," Institute of African Studies, University of Nige: November 17-22 1980. "The New Direction "'Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo; Ife; St. Peters College, Akure, 1982. "Towards Progress," Federa1 School of Art*- &Science, Ondo; Lagos, 1984. "Trail of Masqueraders," Institute of African Studies, Univers November 17-30. 1987. "Insiders," Italian Cultural Insitute, Lagos, May 28-June 11, 1988. "Lip Service," National Museum, Lagos, April 29-May 13, 1989. "Towards National Commitment," Federal School of Arts & Science, Ondo, May 20, 1989. "Images," Flagship Hotel, Ondo, November24, 1990. Group Exhibitions State Exhibition, Benin City, 1976. "National Art Institutions Exhibition." National Theatre, Lagt 1980. Exhibition of Visual Arts, International Conference of World of Ife, Ile-Ife, February 1982. Exhibition of Visual Arts, Ondo State Ministry of Home Affai. "Treasures of Asele Institute," Italian Cultural Institute Lago 1988. "Brotherhood," Federal School of Arts & Science, Ondo, Sepi "Zeitgenossische Nigerianische Kunst," Bonn, Bocholt, and h Germany, July-October 1989. "A Tale of Two Continent"." Quintessence, logos, April 18-2 :a, Nsukka, University of Ife, Ile- Goethe Institute, tv of Ibadan, s, January 11—26, conomy, University s, Ondo, April 1982. , December 10-23, lumber 16, 1989. 'onchengladbach, 8, 1990. Awards & Honors Gong Caller-, prize md Fasuyi prize best fine arts student, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1981; visual art prize, OndoState Ministry of Home Affairs Cultural Division. 1982. Public Collections Adeyemi College o< Education, Ondo. Painting: "Fertility Dance." Asele Institute, Nimo. Paintings: "Nsukka Landscape" and "Professor/' Federal School of Aits & Science. Ondo. Paintings: "The Wealth of African Culture," Tension 11,' 'Empty Burden, and "Nsukka Sc.iool-A Prayer." Goethe Institute, Lagos. Paintings: "The Giant Beggar" and "Sombre Reflection." German Cultural Gntre, Lagos. Painting: "Sombre Reflectiot Italian Cultural Institute, Lagos. Painting: "ButHe is MyBrother." National Museum, i.ago?. Painting: "One Family One Goal.'' University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Paintings: "Seasons" and Traditional War Procession." Bibliography Reflections; An Exhibition ofPaintings and Drawings by Adesanya Michael Joshua, Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, V.-22 November 198:< [Nsukka: Institute of African Studie< University of Nigeria, 1980]. Reviewed: The Record (Nsukka) 17 (2): 4, November 29, 1980. The New Direction; [exhibition held at the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, University of lie, He Ifr- and St. P-l rs College, Akure, 1982. Ile-Ife: s.n, 1982). 25pp. illus. Re\ iewed: University of Ife News Bulletin (He-lie) 4 (62): 7, February 1982; Daily Tim s (Lagos), March 6, 1982, page 13; Daily Times (Lagos) April 6 1982, page 6; The Ondo Corper (Ondo) June 1982, page 40 Toivards Progress: An Exhibition of Water Colours and Draivings Goethe Institute, Lagvs, January 14-17, 1984. Lagos: Goethe Institute, 1983. [15]pp. port. Reviewed: Daily Times (Lagos) February 4, 1984, page 7; Afolabi Adesanya, "The Past, Presenl and Future," The Guardian Supplement (Lagos') February 5 1984, page B6. Trail of Masquerades; [exhibition held at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadin, November Y7- 30, 1987] / foreword b) C. O. Adepegba. Ibadan: Institute of African Studies, university of ibadan, 1987. 31pp. illus. Reviewed: Tunde Oladepo, "Mike Irrifere: An Eye on Serious Art," The Guardian (Lagos) November 28, "987, page 12. Insiders: An Exhibition of Water Colours and Drawings by Mike irrifere; [exhibition held at the Italian Cultural Institute, Lagor May 28-June 11, 1988]. Lagos: Italian Cultural institute, 1988. 20pp. illus., port. Reviewed: Ben Tomolaju, "An Inscape with Mike Irrif. re," The Guardian (Lagos) May 28, 1988, nage 15; Chinye Wadibia, "Miki Irrifere Reflects on the Conflict of Man/' Lagos Life (Lagos) June 9-15, 1988; Veronica Edafioka, "Uli is the Message," New-watch (Lagos), June 13, Up Service: An Exhibition of Water Colours and Drawings by Mike Irrifere; [exhibition held at the National Museum, La^os, April 29-May 13, 1989]. Lagos: National Museum, 1989. 20pp. illus., port. Reviewed: Maurice Ogar, "Criticising with the Brush," Times International (Lagos) May15, 1989. Ojukwu, Dili and Grace Ama. 'Accepting the Challenge," African Guardian (Lagos) May 29, 1989. 5 ' Njoagwuarn Augustine. "Dist< rtions," The Financial Post (Lagos) June 11, 1989. Nzeogu, Uzo. "Meeting oi Two Continents," Newswatch (Lairos) 11 (19): 56, May 7, 1990.
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