KUR, Lt Col. Muhammed

FIRST GENERATION NIGERIAN PROFESSIONAL MILITARY OFFICER KurMuhammadwas one of the four Northern officers kilkd during the January 1966 coup detat which ako claimed the lives of some of the most important Nigerians including Sir Ahmadu Belk, the Sardauna of Sokoto-Premier of the Northern Region and Sir Abubakar Tafawa Bakwa, Nigeria's first and only Prime Minister. Kur Muhammad, from aShuwaArab family of Arabic scholars, was born in Bama on the 2(f of June 1933. Four years later in 1937, be went to Bama Ekmentary School and Borno Middk School till 1943 and the prestigous Kaduna Colkge from 1945 to 1950. On the 2f of January 1951, hejoined the kague of Nigeria's men of unshaken vabur, courage and gallantry as he enlisted into the Nigerian Regiment of the Royal West African FrontierForce (RWAFF) at the Zaria TrainingDepot andwas commissioned on the 1? of January 1954. Before then he had received Military Training in some of the best Institutions of the world; Weapons Trainingat the West African Command Training Schoolfrom 7* June 1951 to 2t August 1951; Tactics Platoon Command course in the same Institution from the 15* of August to the id* of November 1951; Officer Cadet Training School, Eaton hall from January to April 1952; Officer Cadet Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from April 1952toMay 1955; 'RSO number 25" at the School of infantry Hy the from April to July 1958; Coy Commanders'course, 109 Place, from Oaober to December 1960; Mons Officers Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Kur Muhammad ako trained at the Platoon wing of the schoolofInfantry, Hythefrom March to May 1954, Platoon Command, Warminster from June to August 1954 and Staff Colkge Kimberlyfrom January to December 1962. His rise in the army was commensurate with the quality of training received He was second Lieutenant on the 12th of February 1954; Lt1Tof February 1956, Acting Captain on the 7* of November 1959, Substantive Captain on 1? of February 1960; Acting Major on the f of January 1961; Substantive Lt Coknel on the 1? of January 1963; Acting Coknel on1?February 1964. Other special distinctions and medah, and awards include the Nigerian independence Medal and PS Star medal He rose to become the Adjutant General of the Nigerian Army before he was brutally cut down in asensekss and one-sidedh military coup on 15* of January 1966.
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