MAI, Idris Alooma

Mai Idris Alooma is recorded in history as the most famous ofall the Maghumi (Sefawa) Kingsof the Kanem Bomo Empire. He was an outstanding leader whose reign witnessed conquest after conquest and the expansion of the Kingdom's frontiers. Dr. Barth had written thus about him ... 'His warlike energy was combined with wildness and intelligence, his courage with circumspection and patience; his severity with pious feelings " Among the most surprising of his ads was the stand he took against obscenity and adultery so that no such thing tookplace openly in his time. MaiIdris Alooma reigned from 1571 to 1603. The man who gradually divested the Maghumi dynasty ofallpower and authority was MuhammadAlAmin AlKanemi also known as Shehu Laminu. He was known for his scholarship, statesmanship and a remarkable ability at diplomacy. His reputation for piety and learning was widespread as almost all visitors to the capital of the oldBorno went away with the impression of a "Servant of God" "the Paragon ofa Ruler "or "A Man whose mind wasa delight of intellectual curiosity ". From 1808 when he was officially invited to help the Borno Empire especially from attacks from neigbours and Fulani to his death in 1835, the Empire witnessed considerable development especially in the fields of diplomacy, statesmanship, and the administration of justice. It was the great Scholar/ Soldier who perfected the efficacy of the admixture of diplomacy andpsychology. It was said of him: "Compared to all around him, he is an angel, and has subdued more by his generosity, mildness and benevolent disposition than by force of arms "
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