MKPANANG, Aniekpeno T.

Artist, Radio Presenter, Anchorman, "Something To Remember." on AKBC; Assistant Di rector (Publicity), Office of the Military Administrator, Uyo; LGA:: LJkanafun; Born: Feb. 26, 1965; Pa: Tom Obot Mkpanang (d) and Mrs Grace Mkpanang; Education: QIC Sec Sch., lka-Annang, 1973-78 W ASC, College of Education, Uyo, 1979-82, NCE; Un iv. of Port Harcourt, 1990-93, B.A. Visual Arts; Careel· and Work History: Lecturer, NTA Staff College, Jos, 1982-83; (NYSC); Master 1I1 , S~ate Education Board, Calabar, 1983-85; Master II, State Education Board, Uyo, 1985-88; Master I, State Education Board, 1988-9 1; Senior Master, State Education Board, Uyo, 199 1-94; Principal Master, 1995-97; Assistant Director (Publicity), Office of Il,e Military Administrator, Uyo, I 997-present; Career Related Activities and Responsibilities: Production Scripting and Presentation ofweeklo; radio programmes on CRS Radio, Abak sub-Station, 1984- 86; CRS Radio, Calabar 1986-87 AKBC Radio Service, Abak 1987-91, RadioAkwa Ibom FM, Uyo, 1991-present; Special Work Related Achievements: Anchormanfpresenter of"Something To Remember." si nce 1984; officially recognised at the 18th General Confe rence of the Broadcasting Organisation of N igeria as 'The Longest-Run ning' Radio Programme in N igeria; Publications and Creative Works: Edi tor-in-Chief, "NEWS JOURNAL" Magazine - 1985-88; Compere, Coordinator and Quiz Master for "Brain-Master", A radio and television quiz contest organised for Schools by the State Commission for Women - 1992-93; Civic Activity: Pres. Rotaract Club, At'ak, ·199 1-92; AwardslRecognition: State Merit Award, Gov!. of Akwa Ibom State, Uyo, 1995; Special Commendation, National BroadcastingCommission, Umuahia(Eastem Zone Headquarters) 1993; Pres Recogniti on, Mboho Mkparawa Ibibi o, Uyo 1994; Listed in Handbook of Nigerian Art ists (1994). P"ofessional Memberships: Mem., Society of Nigerian artists; Mem., Nigerian Union of Teachers; Religious Affiliation: Qua Iboe; Hobbies: Reading, Staying awake, ldea - Banking; Home: Plot 139 Unit F, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Tel: (085) 200031 .
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