ODINMA, Dr. Augustine




B.Sc, M.Sc, MBA. Ph.D, MIEE, LCTE, LCSE, CNE, MNIM; chartered engineer, telecommunication expert; married, has children; ed: University of London Career: Over 25 years experience in all aspects of telecoms; former Switching Manager, ITT Nigeria Ltd; prof. Computer Engineering; Snr.Technical Manager, AT&T, USA; Participated in Research into Advanced Communications in the European Union Project, 1990; gm. Technology and Solutions, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Lucent Technologies, cd: City University of Los Angeles; University of Southampton; University of London; cr Lecturer, Schiller International University, London; Research Fellow, University of London;Associate Prof.,Benedict College, Columbia, SC; Snr. Manager, AT&T Labs, New Jersey, din, Network Solutions, Bell Labs; Consultant Communications Committee, National House of Assembly; Visiting Prof, Lagos State University; Mem., Ad-Hoc •; Committee, Lagos State University, 2006; mm: Institute of Electrical & '. Electronics Engineers; Association of Computer Machinery, Nigerian Institute of Management Nigerian Society of Engineers; patt Performance Evaluation of the Mobile Phone Services: A Perspective From a Developing Nation; IEEE/ACMSPECTS 2007 Proceedings, San Diego,California, P4II-418, 15-18 July, 2007;co-author. Building Skilled Human Capacity in Engineering for Sustainable National Development, Nigeria Society of Engineers, Proceedings, Abuja 2007, PI93-203.Dec, 2007;The Trends in Broadband Wireless Networks Technologies, Pacific Journal of Science&Technology (PJST), Vol.8,No.1, Spring, PI 18-125,May,2007; Evaluation of Mobile Communication in a Predominantly Rocky Area, IEC,'Annual Review of Communications, Vol. 60, P56I-570, 2008; Planning, Designing & Implementing Enterprises Networking a Developing Nation, International Journal of Enterprises Network Management., Vol.2, No.3, P30I-3I7.2008; hob: computers, music off: American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State; e-m: [email protected]. UK; , off/tel: 442070040065, 447803278216 e-m: odinma®lucent.com; [email protected].
Gender: Male
Marital Status
  • Married
Name of Spouse
Father's Name
Father's Status N/A
Mother's Name
Mother's Status N/A
Profession Chartered Engineer
Working Experience
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