OHIKERE, Mr. George Uru MHA

OBE MINISTER OF WORKS, CHAIRMAN NPA Mr. George Uru Ohikere was born in 1923 ofpeasantparentsin Okene in thepresentKogiState. He startedschool in 1932 at theRCMSchoolin Okene, broke up, continuedin Lokoja andfinished in Kaduna in 1940. Afterpassing his Standard Six education, hegot admission into aTeacher Training College atlbusa in the then Western Region. He again broke his education to work asaProbationary Teacher in 1941. George Ohikere went back to schoolin 1943 when he was admittedinto StJohn's Boscos Training College in Ubiaja in old Western Region. HepassedoutasaGrade Three Teacherin 1944. Now with the background of his teachingprofession, he was employed atthe RCMSchool in Okene in 1945. He taught in Okene till 1948 and through determinedself tuitionpassedthe Grade Two Teachers Certificate examination in 1949. Thatsameyear, he was transferredto the CentralSchoolLanpese, Ibillo in the Kukuruku Division ofthe Western Region. Once again through determined self tuition he was matriculated in 1951. That sameyear he was made the Headmaster of his School and he chose the sameyear to contest an election which he won into the Northern House of Assembly. Itshould be noted that George Uru Ohikere had been the GeneralSecretary ofthe Igbirra Tribal Union since 1948. In 1952 however, he was transferred back to Okene as teacher in the RCMSchool. But God in his infinite Mercy Hadpleasant surprisesfor Georgefor he was appointed aMember of the Igbira NA Council. That sameyear (1952) precisely onJune 2? he was awarded the Coronation Medal. In September 1953, he went to London as an Adviserto the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) atthe London Constitutional Talks. Hisgrandpoliticalreward came in March 1955 when he was appointedParliamentary Secretary to the Ministry ofHealth. Hewon anotherelection in 1956andthis time he was made Minister ofHealth. During the cabinet shuffle in 1957, this typicalson ofthe Igbira was made the Minister of Works. George Uru Ohikere also servedNigeria as the Chairman ofthe Nigerian PortsAuthority in Lagos in 1965. He diedinJuly, 1965inamotoraccident
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