OKO, Offoboche

Born 14th December 1970




Oko Offoboche was born in Ikom on the 14th December 1970 to his late father, His Excellency Chief Dr. Matthias Oko Offoboche, an Irish trained Gynaecologist and Her Excellency Barrister Dr. Mrs. Juliana Akpowu Odo Offoboche an Irish trained Hospital Administrator and English trained Lawyer; his late grandparents were on both sides Traditional Medicine Practitioners, with his grandfather on his father’s side being a pioneering Warrant officer in the Army and his grandfather on his mother side being a pioneering customary court judge. He is from Yala in Cross River State in Nigeria. His top educational qualification in each stage of schooling with dates is First School Leaving Certificate 1983, Aunty Margaret Intl School, Calabar, Cross River State; Testimonial of Excellence 1989, Mary Knoll College, Ogoja, Cross River State; Doctor of Information Systems - 2005, Doctor of Metaphysics - 2006, Crown University, Florida, U.S.A; Advanced Certificate in TCM 2015, Tianjin University of TCM Tianjin, China; Diploma in Acupuncture – 2018, Kaatsu University, Siri Lanka. In February 1, 2010 he was given Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals from Madison, New York, U.S.A.; in July 6th 2018, he was made FCT Chairman of NCPNM. Oko Offoboche is a Prince and leader of the family, a research Professor of Philosophy in Metaphysics (Mind Research), an honorary Professor of Science in Information Systems and Natural Medicine Doctor. He is in Nigerian Webmasters Group, Nigerian Association of Webmasters & Designers, African Web Designers Union, World Organization of Webmasters, Webmasters World, International Webmasters Association, Fellow of Internet Website Development, Member Physics Forum, Member of Metaphysics Therapists Society (MTS), Member Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine (MNCPNM) that has also Association of Physicians of Complementary and Alternative Medicine that he is member, he is a member of Acupuncture Society of Nigeria, a member of Coronavirus Committee of NCPNM, Member Clinical Spiritualists & Metaphysicians Association of Nigeria (CSMAN), Fellow Institute of Information Management (FIIM), Africa Fellowship; Vice Chairman, R & D committee of Institute of Information Management; leader of WET (Wireless Electricity Transfer) 2020, Fellow Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC). He was Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals in 2010, He is Chief Coordinator AfriChina Projects, Medical & Alternative Medical Treatment/Agric-Medicine. He is Coordinator of FCT Branch of NCPNM in 2018; he was a member of the COVID19 Committee of NCPNM. He was Dean College of African Natural Medicine Institute, African Continental University; he is HOD of Metaphysics department of National College of Natural Medicine. He is Coordinator of Acupuncture Association of Nigeria and coordinator of National College of Natural Medicine. He is a member of Astronomy. A leader of Offoboche Village; Prince of all 4 Wards in Ugaga; Ayi Egbiji, Ayi Kini, Ayi Binyi... Prince of Towns in Yala. Royal in Ogoja, Igede & Bekwara. His businesses are Existence-ok Industries, The Central Clinic, 1 Sakete Close, off Cairo Street, Wuse II, Abuja; with phone 2348057326941, 23492731713, 23494133116 and emails are [email protected], [email protected] and websites are existence-ok.biz, existence-ok.net, existence-ok.com, existence-ok.info, okoffoboche.net, okoffoboche.com. His Copyrights are: The Mind in Existence, Website IProtocol, Farm for Cash etc. Website iprotocol has: website registration, website questions, webdata insurance, website correspondence (iReport), web iVoting (Internet voting) & online recharge cards. The mind in existence has: everything in existence that makes the mind. His disciplines/ fields/ backgrounds are (1) Metaphysics, (2) Information Systems, (3) Catering, (4) Bio Technology, (5) Natural Medicine, (6) Pharmacy and (7) eCommerce Law. His Professional Experiences with Dates are from 1986-1999 for BOCH Ltd. in Nigeria as Director doing Minimum projects of multi-millions of naira; where he was Supervisor-1986; Champion Account taking, for Ikpala Estates Ltd. in Ogoja. He was Supervisor in 1989 that built the main Monitoring Station in Ogoja. In 2000-2004 he rose through the ranks from Supervisor to Administrator to Managing Director of Ikpala Estates Hotels in Ogoja in Cross River State, where he made a minimum of N8,040,000 annually as he attracted a lot of customers by people marketing the services. He is the Director of The Central Clinic. He has Certificates Obtained with Dates from Birth Certificate in 1970, First School Leaving Certificate in 1983, College Testimonial of Excellence Certificate in 1989, West African Examination Certificate in 1989, Local Government of Origin Certificate in 1990, B.Sc-in-Metaphysics Certificate in 1994, Biological Sciences Students Association Certificate in 1995, Senior School Certificate in 1998/99, Local Government of Origin Certificate in 1999, Local Government of Origin Certificate in 2003, Computer Database Management Certificate in 2000, B.Sc-in-Information Systems Certificate in 2001, Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate in 2003, M.Sc-in-Information Systems Management Certificate in 2003, D.Sc-in-Information Systems Certificate in 2005, Ph.D-in-Metaphysics Certificate in 2006, Copyright Certificate in The Mind in Existence in 2006, Copyright Certificate in Website iProtocol in 2008, Ph.D Hons-in-Catering in 2009, Professional in Medicinal Herbs & TCM Certificate in 2014, Certificate as Member NANTMP & TCM in 2014, ECOWAS/Common Wealth in TM Certificate in 2015, Advanced Certificate in TCM in 2015, China Pharmaceutical Certified Professional Certificate in 2015, Farm for Cash in 2016, Diploma in Acupuncture Certificate in 2018, Member Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine in 2018, Certificate of Credence & Stewardship as an (Existence-ok Industries) Outstanding Indigenous Company (Presidency) in 2019 and Certificate of Service to the Nation as an epitome of national development and transformation (Presidency) in 2019. In his Civil Service Experience & Ranking he was IT Consultant, Ministry of Lands & Housing Calabar; as he aided in fixing the State IT in 2004.
Gender: Male
Name of Spouse
State of Origin: Cross-river State
Father's Name His Excellency Chief Dr. Matthias Oko Offoboche,
Mother's Name Her Excellency Barrister Dr. Mrs. Juliana Akpowu Odo Offoboche
Working Experience

He has associations and professional memberships in Nigeria Webmasters Group, Elance.com (The world’s Website Designers), Website Billing Inc. (The Internets’ Money Controllers), FZX Media Consulting (Software and Networking), Enwhy.com (Web/ Hosting), Mcreal.com (The Connection to the Internet made for Nigeria), Microsoft Corporation (First/ Leading in Windows [WYSIWYG]), Yahoo! Inc. (Leading email giants), Emeagwali.com, eFax.com (First/ Leading eFax), Sea Scout Captain, 19jawebhosting.com (Hosting), ICANN (International Chartered Accredited Names & Numbers), IAAN (International Association of Accredited Numbers), ANA (Accredited Names Association), IWA (International Webmasters Association), Webmasters World, African Web Designers, Qualcomm (Brew2007 Conference), Invent Bay, Gilt Patriot Media Ltd., Change Africa Network, Mississippi Development Partners, FIITc (Fellow International Information Technology & Communication), Syskay Systems, Young Nigerian Climate Leaders, Yala Educational Summit, Physics Forum, Articles websites & magazines, Webmaster; webmaster.com, webmaster.org, Freelance website, World Chief Executive Officer College & bodies, Billionaire Boys Club, Global Publishers, Longreen Healthcare, Smart web, NANTMP/TCM, ECOWAS/Common Wealth TM, Knight of Saint Mulumba applicant, South-South Solidarity Youth Movement of Nigeria, Host Now Now, Member Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine, Member Association of Physicians of Natural Medicne, Member Acupuncture Society of Nigeria, Fellow Institute of Information Management (FIIM), Africa Fellowship, Fellow Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC) etc.


His Awards and Recognitions are Supervisor of Media between 1981 to 1983, Head Boy between 1982 and 1983, The Most Clean Boy in Aunty Margaret in1983, Monitor of class in 1983 to 1989, he was second in command in War Against Indiscipline in 1984 in Ogoja, Labour/ Sanitary & Unofficial Senior Prefect in 1989, Recognised as School Scientist in Mary Knoll in 1984 to 1988 and became Financial Secretary between 1987 to 1988, he was Provost of Debate Club between 1985 and 1986, Recognised Counselor in Advice in the University in 1994, Mr. Gentle Man Ogoja Province award in 1998-99, Enrollment Incentive Certificate by ACCIS in 2002, Invent-Tech in 2005, Brew2007, Invent Bay in 2008, HOD Bioelectrolyte & Magmaelectricity in 2009, Professor of Metaphysics in 2010, Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals in 2010, NANTMP (National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners) /TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in 2014, Association of Common Wealth Traditional Medicine Practitioners for West Africa in Nigeria in 2014, NCPNM (Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine) in 2018. FCT (Abuja) Coordinator of NCPNM in 2018, Service to the Nation (Thomas Sankara leadership award) as an Epitome of National Development and Transformation [Presidency] in 2019, Chief Coordinator AfriChina Projects, Medical & Alternative Medical Treatment/Agric-Medicine in 2019.

His Achievements and Innovations are The Mind in Existence, Farm for Cash, Joined the Messenger formation experiment, Theory of Magma Heat Conversion into Electricity, Theory of Currencies Transaction, Father of Idea Age, Theory of Wireless Desktops, Theory of Smell/ Scent TV, Theory of weather controller, Designed many websites, Omniversity, Theory of Trash flusher, Theory of Building molding machine, Theory of yam heap making machine, Wrote letter to Nigerian President OBJ in his first year in office for GSM, Solving Politics and Culture, Website Internet Voting, Budget Monitor, Interpretation of Genesis 1-3, Solving Banking Transactions, Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals, State Coordinator Council of Physicians, Chief Coordinator AfriChina Projects, Medical & Alternative Medical Treatment/Agric-Medicine.

His hobbies are Athletics, Meditation, Swimming, Driving, Dancing, Adventure, Reading, Cooking, Gardening or Farming and Hunting or Animal Husbandry.

His Interests and activities are Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Treating the sick and Administering Tasks.

He has visited the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Republic of China, Abu Dhabi, Dubai in United Arab Emirates etc

His Athletic Records are: Best Long Jumper in Aunty Margaret with 7.2m where he represented the school in the state in 1982, and New Short-put Record Nation-wide in Federal School of Arts & Science of 17.8m in 1990.

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