OLU-ADEROUNMU, Prof. (Chief) William Olusola

JP, B.Sc, M.Sc; :Phd; university lecturer, administrator, DOB: July 19, 198; Place: Akure; Hometown: Akure; LGA: Akure; STATE: Ondo; m: Isijola, 1978; nc: three s; three d; ed: St Johns Anglican School, Oba-Ile, Akure, 195-59;Oyemekun Grammar School. Akure, 1960-6; Bishop College. Dallas, Texas, 1967-71; East Texas State University, 1971-74; Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, 1974-77; cr: Graduate asst. Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, 1974-77; Research Officer, UNESCO; Lecturer II and I/snr. Lecturer, Lagos State College of Education, Ijanikin, 1977- 84; snr. Lecturer/HOD, Educational Management, Lagos State University, 1984-86; Associate prof/prof. Educational Management 1989-95; Provost/ceo, Ondo State College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, 1987-95; Managing Partner, OASIS Ventures, 1986-2003; md: CEI Ventures, 1987-95; OASIS Consultancy Services, Akure, 1996-2003; Dean, School of Education, Lagos State College of Education, 1978- 83; Coordinator, Teaching Practice Committee. 1978-83; Head, Department of Educational Management 1984-87; dir: Research and Seminar Committee, 1978-83; Teacher Vacation Course, Lagos, 1984- 86; TVC Programme, 1985-86; NCE Sandwich Programme, Ondo State College of Education, Ikene, 1987-95; B.Ed. Degree Sandwich Programme, 1992-95; ch: Departmental Examinations Committee, 1985-86; Chief Examiner, Department of Educational Management, 1985-86; e-e: Department of Educational Administration, University of Lagos, 1987-89; Post Secondary Schools Management Board, Ondo State, 1988-91; Economic Adviser, Ondo State Economics Advisory Council, 2000-02; Consultant ant: Chief/CEI, 1990-94; World Bank/ NEIRA, since 2001; Niger Delta Development Commission, Vocational Training, since 2002; UBE, Teacher Education, 2002-03; presently, Vice-Chancellor, Novena University, Ogume, Delta State, since 2004; Participated in Conference on the Development of Education in Lagos State, 1985; Workshop on Educational Management for Lagos State Educational Administrators, Lagos, 1985; Symposium on Leadership within the System, 1985; Conference on Issues in Nigerian Education, University of Port-Harcourt, 1985; Conference on Standards of Education in Nigeria, University of Benin, 1988; National Committee of Provosts Conference on Teaching/Learning in Nigerian Languages, Ogun State College of Education, Ijebu-Ode, 1980; Conference on Educational Research, Ondo State College of Education, Ikere, 1990; Conference on Educational Development in Ondo State, 1989; Nigerian Educational Research Association Conference on Issues in the Teaching of Subjects in Nigerian Languages, Ondo State College of Education, Ikene, 1990; NCIC Conference on Crisis Management for Governing Board mm, 2001; NUC Conference on crisis Management for Registrar/ Bursar of Polytechnics/Colleges of Education in Nigeria, 2002; World Bank/NIEPA; Conference on Capacity Building, 2002; Conference on School Records, 2003; Conference on Primary Education in selected States in Nigeria, 2003; Niger Delta Development Commission Conference on Vocational Education and Training, Lagos, 200; NUC Conference for snr. University Administrators, 200; mm: Staff Development Committee, Houston Independent School District, Houston, 1975-76; Senate mm. Lagos State University, 1984-86; Management Audit Committee, 1986; Business Committee of Senate, 1985-86; Housing Allocation Committee, 198-86; Faculty Board of Studies, 1984-86; Staff School Management Committee, 198-86; International Council on Education and Teaching; Editorial Boards Lagos State Government Education Monitor, 1986-89; Task Force on Graduate Unemployment Ondo State Government, 1987; Committee for the Implementation of the National Policy on Education, 1989- 91; American Association of School Administrators; v-presd. Educational Studies, Local Chapter; Association of Nigeria (ESAN), 1979; Consulting Editor; Journal of Nigerian Educational Research Association, University of Benin, since 1978; Editor-in-Chief: Ikere Journal of Education. Ondo State College of Education, 1987; Journal of Educational Uadership, Lagos State University, 1978-95; Editorial Board: Educational perspective, Lagos State University, 1985-86; Ugos State Government Educational Monitor, 1986-89; presd: National Association of Educational Teachers; Staff mm. Ugos State University AnthonyVillageCampus, since 2003;h: cited in Who's Who in Nigeria, 1990; Justice of Peace, 1983; f: Research Editor, Journal of Nigerian Educational Research Association, University of Ibadan, since 1978; Society of Educational Administrators of Nigeria: award: University Scholarship (undergrad-duate), 1967-70; University Scholarship (Postgraduate), 197-77; Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship, 1975-77; Distinguished International Education Award, 1991; tt: Obadua of Akure Land; Atasyese of Epinmi Land, Akoko, Ondo State; sc: presd. Nobles Club. Akure; publ: Staff Development Handbook, HISD Press, Houston, Texas, USA, 1975; A guide to the Practice of Teaching, Evans Publishers. 1983; Primary Science Curriculum Text for Primary 1-6. New Era Publishing Company, Akure, 1994; Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Institutions of Learning, Fagbamigbe Press, Lagos, 2005; 77i
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