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State of Origin: Anambra Village/ Town: Nnewi Prince Dr Abyssinia Akweke Nwafor Orizu descended from the Royal House of Nnewi one of the sons of Eze Ugbonyamba. Igwe Orizu 1. He was popularly known in the mid forties on his return from the US as 'OrizontaP a nickname that most people knew him a play on his name of the word Horizontal because of the philosophy of education he espoused which he described as 'horizontal' (typical American) as opposed to the vertical or perpendicular type associated with British form Education • Ilad a brilliant academic study in many universities in America and had earned Doctorate degree • Ilad elementary education at St. Thomas Central School and Onitsha Central. 1924-31 • Private study and lessons from tutors in Dennis Memorial Grammar School • Lincoln University. Pennsylvania USA. 1939 • Transferred to Ohio State University 1940-1942 Columbia University, New York, 1943-1945 Academic Qualifications Obtained • Earned Standard Six Certificate (while still in elementary School), 1931 • Passed Junior Cambridge (Private Study) 1937 B.A (Hons) Degree in Political Science/Pre-Law, 1942 M.A Degree in Public Law/Government, 1944 Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) in Public Law, 1945 Scholastic Awards • Awarded Scholarship by Howard University Authority. • Awarded Scholarship for Masters and Doctorate Degrees by the President. Ohio State University (Declined this offer because he wanted to live in New York to be able to organize African Students for freedom ofAfrican Countries) • Awarded Flonorary LL.D Degree by Lane University Jackson Tennessee USA. 1948. Political Activism and Nationalism • Was at the forefront of the struggle for Nigeria's Independence alongside Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe Belonged to the breed ofAmerican-educated Igbomen- Mbonu Ojike and K.O. Mbadiwe etc whose brand ofanti-colonial activism contrasted with the more staid approach of the British-educated luminaries like the late FLO. Davies • Like Zik. Nwafor Orizu was a nationalist in the outlook and action-never parochial but dynamic and global in outlook and action. • Elected into the Federal House of Representatives and became the President of Senate- a position that made him No. 3 Citizen in the Country. • Served as Ag. President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria each time Zik traveled out of Nigeria • Ile was the Ag. President who surrendered Power to General J.T.U Aguiyi Ironsi on January 15"' 1966 when the first military coup in Nigeria took place. • Convicted by British Colonial Government for financial Fraud but principally for his uncompromising anti-colonial position. He was later given a full pardon by the President of Independent Nigeria. • He was a member of Marcus Movement in New York (The Universal Negro Improvement Association) 1940 • Founded the African Students Association of United States and Canada in Collaboration with John Karefe Smart ofSierra Leone, K.O Mbadiwe and Mbonu Ojike • Under International Students Union, was in the White Ilouse in Washington D. C as quest of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lectured all over the Mid-West USA on African Freedom. Contributions to National Development Relentless in the struggle for Independence Pioneered a broad-based form of education for Nigerian youths Got numerous scholarships and bursaries from many sources for African youths from which many Igbo people benefited. Many ofthe beneficiaries ended up in top jobs and posts Built one ofbest Private Secondary Schools in Eastern Nigeria before the Nigeria-Biafra war-Nigeria Secondary School Nnewi, which set up Dr. Nwafor Orizu's model ofEducation for Nigeria. The school made very outstanding breakthroughs till the end ofBiafra/Nigeria war when itwas taken over by the State Government in a policy that centralized the Government ownership and management ofschools. He was a foremost educator who stood for broad-based and quality Education for the masses. Motivated most people to study and go for higher education overseas Stood for the Igbo during the time of crisis ofNigeria-Biafra War. Championed the cause of the Nigerian Mine Workers during the Enugu Massacre of 21 miners in 1949, which earned him21 days house arrest by the Colonial Government Elected Member Eastern House ofAssembly in the Old Onitsha province, was the first Onitsha member elected as independentcandidate Wasa member of the Federal Legislative House elected from the floor of the Eastern House. Advocated and won for the introduction of Divisional basis of political representation in place of Provisional representation in the Eastern Region, thus set up the first Divisional Organization in Onitsha and became the first President. Was the first Chief Whip of the N.C.N.C. party in the Regional and Central Legislatures, that made him the Party's Champion and Chief Spokesman during the first political crisis of the sit-tight Ministers of the Colonial Regime in Enugu Drafted and was the first signatory to the Document which sacked the sit-tight Ministers of Eyo Ita Government. Headed two Commissions called Orizu Commissions; Midwest N.C.N.C, and Opobo Chieftaincy Chairman,Nnewi divisional Council, Founder, Proprietorand PrincipalNigeria Secondary School Nnwei 1950 Originate and organized the Eastern NigeriaChiefsconference whichwasthe firstrecognized and effective organthatchampioned thecause of the Chiefs in Eastern Nigeria. Attended the United Nations Organization's general Assembly that introduced Nigeria as a member of the U.N.O in 1960, in Companyof Nigeria's first Prime Minister Alhaji Abukakar Balewa Attendedand addressed the Inter-Parliamentary UnionConvocation of the 52nd Conference in BelgradeYugoslavia, 1963,and he was a guest of President Tito in his Palace. Attended the 700"' anniversary of the Parliament of Simon de Monfort in London and was a guest of Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, 1965 Wasthe firstNnewi DivisionalSchool BoardChairman 1971-1972, and effectively reconstructedthe educational system ofthe area from the debris of war. WasGolden Guinea Breweries Chairman, 1972-1975, Stabilized, reconstructed and expanded the Company from the ruins of the civil war. Was the foundation Chairman of the Teachers' Service Commission, East Central State, 1974-1975 whereby the intractable problems of teachers at that time was recognized and resolved Nurtured and Chairmaned the steeringCommittee that Organized the National Partyof NigeriainAnambra State throughout its infant stage before its maturity and inauguration, 1978-1979 Was installed Chancellor of the University of Jos 1982 by President Shehu Shagari Appointed by Anambra State Government, As Chairman Nnewi Construction Drafting Committee, 1989 Publications Aprolific writer and Author, heauthored the following books: "Horizontal Education " 1943; "Without Bitterness" 1944; "OriginalZikisin"1944; "The Leaders wewant" 1959; "Education &Moral Excellence" 1983; "Insight into Nigeria" 1983; Man's Unconquerable mind" Vol. 1, 1986; "Africa Speaks", 1990; "Liberty or Chains Africa Must be", 1994; "Voice of Freedom to bepublished; "Man's Unconquerable Mind Vol. II (to be Published) Honours, Awards and Accolades • Awarded a National Honours of Grand CommanderOf The Order of the Niger (GCON) • Global Patron, the International House New York • Fellow,American Geographical Society • Patron, African Academy ofArts and Research Dr. Orizuwasoutspokenand bold politicianand administrator. This madehimsoundcontroversial.Manyofhis detractorssaw himas a mere'showman' and aflamboyant proud politician. Others whoadmired him praised hisforesight, insight, managerial ability andthewillingness to project hispeople's interestand needs far above his personal ones. Hedied in March 1999at a ripe age of 84. He was a great achiever for the Igbo.
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