OSINUBl, Dr. Adewale Adepoku Abraham

M.B.B.S,M.Sc Ph.D; medical practitioner, university teacher, married; nc:three; ed:GovernmentCollege, Ketu, Ugos, 1975-80, Universityoflbadan, 1981-87, Ugos CityComputer College, Ikeja, Ugos, 1997-98; University ofUgos,Nigeria, since 1999; cri Demonstrator (Part-Time) Anatomy Dept. College ofMedicine, Univereity oflbadan, 1985-86; HouseOfficer,Ugos StateHealth Management Board, 1987-88; Medical Officer, National Sports Commission, 1988-89; Senior Medical Officer, Osfol Clinic & Hospital, 1990-98; Demonstrator(parttime), AnatomyDept.Collegeof Medicine,UniversityofUgos, 1999-01; Ucturer II,SeniorUcturer,AnatomyDept CollegeofMedicine, University ofLagos.2001-07; 2007; Associate Professor& Head ofDepartmentAnatomy Dept. Ugos State UnivereityCollege ofMedicine, 2008; Past Acting Head of DepartmentofAnatomy.CollegeofMedicine,UnivereityofLagos;Coordinator, postgraduate education; mm: Nigerian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism; European Association for the study of Diabetes; American Association ofClinical Endocrinologists, American Association ofClinical Endocrinologist NigeriaChapter, The Endocrine Society,Anatomical Society ofNigeria; Nigerian MedicalAsscciation;AnatomicalSodetyofWestAfrica; American Association of Anatomists; Academic Board, College ofMedicine ofute Univereity ofUgos; Curriculum ReviewCommittee, School ofBasic Medical Sciences,CollegeofMedicine UniversityofUgos Prizes/Scholarship Committee ofCollege of Medicine ofthe Univereity ofUgos; Students' AffairCommittee ofCollege ofMedicine, UNILAG; Postgraduate Students' Disciplinary Committee, UNILAG; Committee on Hostel Environment College ofMedicine, UNILAG; Academic Programmes Committee ofthe school ofPostgraduate Studies, UNILAG; award: Travel grant awarded by the International SocietyofEndocrinology topresent the paper,"Attenuation ofQuinine-induced testicular toxicitybyAscorbic acid in rat:Astereotogical approach at the 12* International Congress of Endocrinology in Lisbon, Portugal, 2004; publ: The Reversal EffectsofHuman Chronic Gonadotrophin on Chloroquine inhibition ofovulation: Evidence for acritical period, J. Med. Med. Sci. 2001, Effect oflight and darknessonPacked Cell Volume inthe rat Nig. J. Health Biomed Sci. 2002; The relationship between Follicle ^ Stimulating Hormone and Sperm count and motility in fertile and infertile \ Nigeria males, Afr. J. Endocrinol Metab, 2003; The relationship between V Testosterone concentration and sperm count and motility infertile and infertile \ Nigerian males, Afr. J. Endocrinol Metab: 2003, The circadian rhythm of \ blood glucose in adult male Spraque-Dawley rats in Ugos J. Clin. Sci. 2003; Effects ofshort-term admistration ofquinineonthe somniferous tubules \ ofSprague-Dawley rats, Nig. J. Health Biomed. Sci. 2004; The pattern of Triiodothyronine,Thyroxin and Thyroid stimulating Hormone inNigerian males, Afr. J. Endocrinal Metab. 2004'etc; off:Dept ofAnatomy,UgosState Univereity College ofMedicine, Ikeja, Lagos.
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