TARKA, Sen. Joseph Sarwuan (Late)

Born 10 July 1932

Igbor, Benue State




MP, IKAREM OF TIV LEADER UNITED MIDDLE BELT CONGRESS FEDERAL COMMISSIONER OF TRANSPORT Joseph Tarka was bom in Igborin the old Benue province on the 1(f of July, 1932. He attended the Gboko Senior Primary School between 1937 and 1941, Benue Midlk School (later Benue Provincial Secondary School) Katsina-Ala from 1942 to 1946 and TeacherTraining Colkge Bauchi from 1947 to 1949. He was ako at the Science Centre Bauchi from 1952 to 1953. Mr. Joseph Tarka started a teaching career at the Provincial Secondary School Katsina-Ala where he was Science Masterfrom 1953 to 1956. He thereafter joined the TivNA as Rural Science Master from 1954 to 1957. Itwasin 1957 that he finally resigned his appointment with the TivNA to play politics full time. He had earlier won ekction into the Federal House of Representatives in 1954 under the umbrella of the UnitedMiddk Belt CongressfAction Group Alliance. Agrassrootsman of thepeopk, Mr. Joseph Tarka was the major factor in the UMBC/A.G alliance. A teacher who was accustomed to thepsychokgy of his peopk he eventually emerged the President of the UMBC which he founded with other kcalpoliticians. He ako became the President General of the UMBC/AG alliance under which he was named the shadow Minister of Commerce and Industry. In the House of Representatives, he became a member of the Public Accounts Committee in 1958, a UMBC dekgate to 19571958 Nigerian Constitution Conference and memberFederal Parliamentary dekgation to Britain, Canada and U.SAl He was ako a dekgate to Pan African Conference, Accra, Ghana in 1959. After the coup of 1966 he was appointed together with SirKashim Ibrahim, Malam Aminu Kano and Justice Buba Ardo, to represent theNorth at the meeting of the National Advisory Committee which was to recommend a way forward for Nigeria and after the creation of States in 1967, Mr Joseph Tarka became the Federal Commissioner of Transport andin 1971 moved to the Ministry of Communications. In the Second Repubic, he moved to the centre stage of Nigerian politics proper when hejoined the National Party of Nigeria which won the Federal Ekctions (and the Benue State governorship seat among others). He was ako a Presidential Contender under the NPN when he slugged it out with peopk like Adamu Ciroma, Maitamna Suk and Shehu Shagari who eventually won the Presidency in 1979. Mr Joseph Tarka died on March 30th, 1980 afulftlkd man in a London hospit
Gender: Male
Marital Status
  • Married
Name of Spouse
State of Origin: Benue state
Father's Name Tarka Nanchi
Father's Status Deceased
Mother's Name Ikpa Anyam.
Mother's Status Deceased

Simeon Tarka

Profession Politician
Working Experience Teacher at Katsina-Ala Middle School , Member representing Jemgba constituency in the Federal House of Representative. , president of the United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC), , minister of commerce. , Federal Commissioner of Transport , Federal Commissioner of Communications, , Senator for Benue East
Native Authority Primary School, Gboko..Katsina Ala Middle School..Bauchi Rural Science School..


30 March 1980
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