UGBALA, Silver Ibenye

Date of Birth: Thursday (Eke) 10'"April, 1930 State of Origin: Imo Local Government Area: Orlu Village/Town: Abara-Okporo Contact Address: Eze-UGo Palace, Okporo P.O.Box 10 Orlu, Imo State Contact Telephone: 234-2-83520362, 234-1-83520508 His Highness. Eze Silver Chukwuemeka Nnanyereugo Ibenye-Ugbala, Eze Ugo III ofOkporo. Orlu is the Chairman of Imo Stale Council ol'Traditional Rulers (Ndi Eze). He is a retired Comptroller/Area Administrator of Customs & Excise. He epitomizes the golden attributes of a unique and wellgroomed Traditional Royalty,and exudes the glamour, grandeur and quintessence ihe Throne stands for. He is a genius, an embodiment ofknowledge and a repository of wisdom. He is an orator, and a senior citizen whose archives still provide a mine of information for the history ofthe Nigeria and Igboland in particular. The traditional native dates used in this compendium were gleaned from his own documentation. He vvas born on 10"'April. Thursday (Eke Market Day) 1930 to late Chief Gabriel Uzoelo Ibenyenvva Ugbala. Eze Ugo II ofOkporo. He is the first son oflhe family. Eze Silver traces his pedigree to the ninth generation from EZE EBUBE DURUEZE TO UGBALA-NWAOKWE DAKARA OJI-OTU ONYE KETARAONU OGU! This is a challenge lo all NDI IGBO who know that they descend from a proud and courageous ancestry. Education • St. Joseph's School Umuna. Orlu 1936 1940 • St. Alphonsus School. Ihioma. 1941- 1943 • Christ the King College (CKC) Onitsha 1944- 1948- Senior Cambridge School Certificate with Exemption from London Matriculation Exams. This is equivalent to Distinction in WASC or Cambridge School Cert. • United Nations Customs Course in West Africa, held in Lagos 1961 and got Diploma in Customs and Excise Administration • Her Majesty's Customs Training College. South-End on Sea, England. 1966 1967. Diploma in Customs and Excise Administration • Dans Les Service Exterieurs De Le Direction Generale Des Importes . Paris France. Diploma in Indirect Tax Control and Excise Administration • University of Pittsburgh . Pennsylvania USA. Graduate School of Public Administration. Diploma in Public Administration and International AlTairs 1975 Job Experience • Employed as an Officer ofthe Customs and Excise 1949. May 12th Promoted Collector of Customs and Excise April Is'. 1961 Principal Collector. March 1964 • May Is' 1973, Chief Collector of Customs and Excise • July Is' 1975.Area Administrator and Comptroller ofCustoms and Excise. Apapa Lagos Area- he vvas able in this position, to stamp his dislike for dishonesty, recklessness and laziness in the conduct of those entrusted with public confidence and accountability. This did not escape the attention of his fellow top civil servants and the Government. • Posted to Port Harcourt as Area Administrator of Customs and Excise- he reversed the waning confidence in the officers ofthe Customs and Excise because of alleged corruption, in it Ezeugo did a lot to clear the dirty practices in the system and re-established confidence in the stall" and men ofthe Customs & Excise. The Daily Times Editorial of June. 6. 1978. cited him as the 'most diligent and model Area Administrator/Comptroller of Customs and Excise in Nigeria 1978' He thus became a National Icon and treasure. • Ile is a known champion of dignity and sanity in national and public service. He is fair, fearless, resolute, responsive and responsible. Call to Royal Service • 3"1 September 1976, the Okporo Community recalled Silver and pleaded with him to take up the mantle of leadership. He vvas therefore accepted and installed the Traditional Ruler and Eze Ugo III ofOkporo in succession of his late father who vvas Eze Ugo II. • April 4* 1979. the then Imo State Military Government accorded him official recognition as the Traditional Ruler and Eze ofOkporo • July 18"' 1979. the Official Certificate of Recognition vvas given to him. • He remained in office as top Civil Servant and combined it with the Herculean task ol'Traditional royal duties for three years • On August 12. 1979. Eze Ugo bowed out gloriously from the Civil Service and retired voluntarily to take full lime control oflhe Royal Office- he retired voluntarily and gloriously, to the Throne of his forefathers 'fromDesk to the Throne'. His transparent selflessness while in service vvasan inspiration which no words could offer. Ezeugo as a Traditional Ruler • Has brought unique style to the practice ofTraditional Governance- restoring the Dignity and Poise oflhe Royal Office- the same transparent honesty exhibited at Customs & Excise being applied daily in the royal office. • Has been in constant demand by many communities to advise on the new approach to the royal office and duties thus serving as Honorary Consultant to many communities and fellow Royal Fathers on the intricacies of royal service and administration. • In 1979 and 1986. he vvas an elected member ofthe Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers (Ndi Eze) • President ofthe Council of Traditional Rulers in Orlu Zone since 1988 • Deputy Chairman of Imo State Council of Ndi- Eze 1991 • Appointed by the Imo State Government, member. Board of Trustees . Imo State Project 1986 • Represented the Imo State at the National Council of 42 Traditional Rulers from all parts of Nigeria at Abuja • Appointed Member of Governing Council of Imo Slate University Okigwe 1991 Ezeugo in Socio-Cultural Development • General Secretary of Okporo Youths Association 1950 • Orsu Federal Union. Lagos. 1955 -1956 • Orlu Divisional Union. Lagos. 1954- 1958 • Executive Secretary. Orlu Division Union. Kano and Igbo Union Kano 1959 1963 • President. Orsu Federal Union. Lagos. 1964 1966 Chairman of Board of Governors, Technical College. Okporo 1977 1986 • President. Corporation for Development of Orlu Senatorial Area (CODOSA) Small Scale Industries Charity and Humanitarian Services • Supported the cause ofthe poor, underprivileged and the needy. • Patron of Red Cross Society • Patron of Nigerian Union of Journalists. • Patron of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Imo State • Patron. Nigerian Union of Pensioners • Initiated the extension of water and electricity line from Orlu to his Okporo Communily. 1979 • Built a Pension Hall at the Orlu Local Government Treasury and donated it to the Government for the use of Pensioners. • Built and equipped Angel Gabriel Hospital, Umuna Orlu • Built a Pension Ward and donated il for free medical serv ices lo pensioners • Built and dedicated Okporo Post Office for Okporo Community. • Established The Eze Ugo Foundation which offers scholarships to many people from primary to tertiary institutions. Eze- Ugo and Intellectual Publications • Chairman oflhe 1990 Ahianjoku Colloquium ONU GAA OUT- An Annual Academic Seminar and Forum by Igbo Intellectuals and top academics. • This Colloquium preceded the 1991 Annual Ahianjoku Lecture Series vvas chaired by the late Rt Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. the First President of Nigeria and the Owelle of Onitsha on Friday 25"' November. 1990 when EZE UGO successfully chronicled the origin oflgbo Four Market Days- EKE. ORIE.AFO and NKWO. and fluently sang ihe Canticle ofthe Kolanut- to the universal acclamation oflgbo Land. • As Chairman ofOZURUIMO Festivals Planning Committee. Eze Ugo crystallized the survival oflgbo Culture in both Imo and Abia States and revived the pride ofthe honour ofthe festival of 23 24"' October. 1991 • September 26"' 1991. chaired the Programme marking the Fourth Anniversary of Belter Life Programme for Imo and Abia States and ' was blessed among the daughters of Imo and Abia States- the great grand-daughters of Eve". • Completed a Research and published a compendium of IZU-IGBO.- Eke. Orie. Afo. Nkwo involving 4032 Igbo Calendar from OO01 AD- Year 4032, proving conclusively that' the Igbo Four Days and the Seven English/Greek/ Egyptian days in the week repeat themselves conjointly every 112years and that every year except leap years- starts and ends on the same correlative days without distinction through the 4032 years after Christ. The Igbo Market Days are therefore original, traditional and immutable since the beginning of God's creation- the Igbo man is the original stock ofthe true God" according to Eze Ugo in his revelation ofthe secrets ofthe gods of Igboland. If you are really an Igbo man or Nigerian, you must know the exact market day of your birth". Eze Ugo provides a ready answer and record for all ages in the 20"' and 2 Ist Centuries. • Eze Ugo is a known Chronicler and Interpreter of Ilistory. • A powerful speaker and writer of lop good historical materials. He is a poet has written ' 33 Lined ofthe Last Word of Adam and Eve". 22 Lines of Throne Upon A Stone-The BANYAN TREE OF LIFE' written 10"'April. 1990. 10"' April 1991 to mark his 60"' and 61"' birth days, dedicated to his beloved spouse and future generations of Eze Ugo Ugbala monarchy. He is happily married to Lolo Veronica Chinyere Ibenye Ugbala and they are blessed with eight children- among them, an engineer, two lawyers, two medical doctors and ihree educationists. His third daughter. Dr Adaugo Francisca Ijeoma is Eze Ugo's 'Fairest Jewell" the first female doctor in Okporo at the age of 24. His philosophy in life is anchored in God- appreciation of Education, love for our Tradition. Preservation of our cultural heritage and the cherishing of greatness. Eze Ugo is the 'Muttum in Parvo' of Customs and Excise repute, excellently trained in Nigeria. England, France and America. He is indeed an Icon of honesty, hard work, love and patriotism. He is a highly religious and pious man. a devoted Christian King who has no discrimination of any type in his life. I le is indeed a Shining Model of a Leader.
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