YUSUFF, John Bernard

B.Sc, M.A; civil servant cultural anthropologist; administrator, b: January 2, 1948; p: Isolo-Opin; Iga: Ekiti; so: Kwara, married; nc: five s, oned;ed:St John Anglican Primary School, Okc-Opin, 1957-59; St Brigid^s Catholic School, Osi-Opin, Kwara, 1960-62; Mount Carntel College, Ilorin, 1963-67; Universityoflbadan, 1973-76; 1983-84;cr: Curator & Head, Registration Unit, National Museum, Onikan,Ugos, 197779; Head, Museum DeptKwara Arts Counoil, Ilorin, 1979-89; Coordinator, Kwara State National Cultural Week, Ugos, 1985; Deputy Dir. Head, Extension ServicesNCAC, 1989-96; Inter-Agency Cultural Relationships; Head,Research/Documentation,National Council forArtsandCulture, Ugos, 1989-90; Head, Research Dept, NCAC,Ugos, 1990-91; Asst. Dir., Head Extension Services/Commercial NCAC, Ugos, 1991-93; Asst Dir. Head, NCAC, Lags Liaison Office, 1992-94; Coradinator, NCAC, NAMAAC Awards, 1995-96; Deputy Dir. Head, NICO (R&D) Dept, 1997-98; ch., Command Day Secondary School, PTA, Abuja, 1998-01; Dir./Head, Training and Orientation Dept, NICO, 2003-04; Ag. Executive Sec.,NICO,2005-06; ExecutiveSec/CEO,NationalInstituteforCulturalOrientation, NICO,since 2006; mm: President,Museum Association ofNigeria, since2007;ch., ICOM Representing Nigeria, since 2007; Fellow, African Association of Internal Auditors, FAAIA, 2005; Life Patron,AAIA, Kwara StateTourismBoard; Kwara State Publio Enlightenment Committee; mm: Editorial Board, University oflbadan,1983t84; PostgraduateMagazine, TheNiger, 1983-84; Cultural Inputto Nigeria,99 (JuniorWorldSoccerChampionship), 1999; Board ofthe National Institute for Cultural Orientation, Pension Scheme, 2003-04;semfoars/wortahops/conferences:Represented NigeriaatUNESCO Conferencein ChinaExtraordinarySession ofmelrder-Gwerrm^entalCornnuttee forthe Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chengdu, China, May 23-27, 2007; RepresentedNigeria atUNESCOConferencein Paris, France, memberofthe Subsidiary Bodyon creation of an emblem for the 2003, June 13-19,2008; Interactive workshopon2006-08MediumTermBudgets, Abuja, August 1516,2005;Presentedapaperentitled:PromotionofArtsandCrafts: AStrategy forYouthEmpowerment inNigeria, Platform Global Nigeria, Abuja, 2005; Participant 3riAnnual International Economio andManagement Retreat in Accra-Ghana,June 26-JuIy4,2005;award:DistinguishedFellowship(ASA), AEC,Owerri,2007;National GalleryofArtsAward, 2006;National Builders Award,2006;Association ofNigerian Authors,ANAAward, AbujaBranch, 2006;NationalCounoilforArts andCulture,NCAC, DistinguishedHonours Award,2006; etc, ah: FederalGovernment ScholarshipforPostGraduate Studies,1983-84; KwaraStateScholarship for Undergraduate, 1973-76;Ugos State Government, Ministry ofHome Affairs,The Distinguished Award, 2007;MostFascinating Nigerian, UadershipandRoleModelFoundation of Nigeria, 2008; publ: Museums: Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation;AfricanMaterial Culture,AnAppraisalofPre-CoIonial Indigenous Technological Development; Paper Presented atMANConference, Enugu, February 10-12,2006; hob: reading-sports, biographies, music-jazz, ethnomusio, walking,learning Nigerian ethniclanguages; off: National Institute forCultural Orientation,Wuse,Abuja; res: P.O.Box555Ilorin, KwaraState
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