ZUWO, Alh. Sabo Bakin

Peoples Redemption Party, Senator for Kano Central; born 1934 at Bakinzuwo Quarters in Kano City; Educated Shahucci Primary School 1940; Queraan School in Kano City Durimindaje, 194042; Holy Trinity School, Sabon Gari Kano, 1942-44; political secretary to Alhaji Aminu Kano leader ofNEPU (1950); Elected member of Kano City Council, 1951; attended the Institute of Administration (ABU) to study Local Government Administration, 1952; Arrested and charged with Sedition against "Her Majesty's Go vernment of the United Kingdom" and convicted to six months impri sonment at Kaduna in 1953; again Arrested in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Bashua, Burina, Hadejia, Nguru, for political reasons; attended Seminars in Ibadan University and Ghana on politics; Aminu Kano political school in Sudawa Kano City 1954-56; 1959 Deputy President General Northern Askiai Movement, (1959); Secretary General of NEPU Kano province, 1960; President NEPU Positive Action Wing (PAW), 1960-66; Secretary, Nige rian Chamber of Indigenous Contrac tor; News Reporter defunct Morning Post, 1966-1970. Managing Director Alhaji Sabo Bakinzuwo and Sons Construction Company; member of KanoState Idea Group and member of Price Control Board 1971; Chairman of the United Labour Congress Kano State Council, 1972; Publicity Secre tary Nigeria - Soviet Friendship and Cultural Association, 1973; Member of Kano State Sports Council and chair man Kano Amateur Boxing Associa tion, 1973; National Vice-Chairman Nigeria Labour Congress, 1974; Repre sented Nigeria at International Confe rence as workers delegate at Geneva Convention, 1976. Elected Chairman of PRP Kano Municipal and Political, Secretary to Mallam Aminu Kano, 1978. Elected Member of the Senate in the 1979 General Election representing Kano Central Constituency; Elected PRP Leader in Senate. Visited: U.K., U.S.S.R., U.S.A., Canada, Cuba, Egypt, Lebaneon, Saudi Arabia, China, France, Bulgaria, Morocco, and many Asian countries.
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