TURAKIN KANO, MHA NORTHERN PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY , PREMIER'S OFFICE AlhajiMajeAbdullahiwas born in the oldcity of Kano in 1924. He attendedShahuciElementary SchoolKano, Kano LawSchooland ClericalTraining Course Zaria in that orderbeforekterattendingalocalgovemmentcourseatthelnstituteofAdministiationZari Alhaji Maje was essentially an NApersonality .He was one time Kano NA scribe, NA Police Corporal, N^L. DevelopmentSecretary andDistriaHeadof Zakirai. He wasalsoamemberof the WestAfrican FrontierForce MountedTroop. Though he was an NA.. man andatraditionalistAlhaji Maje was apolitically minded type. Together with people likeMaitama Sule, theyformedthe variousmovementsthattransformedintopoliticalgroupings .Hewasa member of the Kano Young Elitesgroup thatformed the Northern Elements Progressive Association (NEPA) and the Kano Progressive YouthsAssociation. He however settledfor the Northern Party the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) when it wasformed and contestedandwon election underitinto the Northern House of Assembly Representing the Kano south west in the 1952 1956 session. He won again in 1961 and was later named Parliamentary Secretary in the Premiers Office up to the time governmentwassackedin 1966 byabandof bloodthirstysoldiersfrom thesouth. He died on 25thOctober, 1975
Gender: Male
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