USMAN, Alh Sarki




MP, CFR, ETSU NUPE; FEDERAL MINISTER OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Alhaji Usman Sarki was born in Bida in 1920 to the rulingfamily in Nupe Land. HisfatherMalam Saidu was htsuNupefrom theMasaba dynasty. Alhaji Usman Sarkistartededucation in the BidaElementarySchoolfrom 1933 to 1937 then wentto theBidaMiddleSchoolfrom 1937to 1943. Hewasalso attheefamousKaduna Collegefrom 1942 to 1944. He capped it with acourse at the PWD Engineering Schoolfrom 19441948 andExtra Muralstudies course in EconomicDevelopmentofNigeria atthe University College, Ibadan in 1955. r^Hhm0StPrinCeS>heStartedmrk™ ofNASupervisorof Works between 1950and 1955. Alikeablepersonality andatypicalmodem man he won election under the NPC to the Federal House of Representatives in 1955 representing Bida Westfrom where he became Parliamentary Secretary to the FederalMinistry of Works andSurveysfrom 1955 to 1959. He was appointedFederal MinisterofInternalAffairs inJanuary 1960. Followingin thefootstepsofhisgreatgrandJatherMasaba, son ojMalamDendo who boretheflagofShehu Usman Danfodio, Alhaji Usman Sarkicultivatedconsiderable experience andeducation in socialandpoliticaladministration On 29th October, 1962 the then Estu Nupe, AlhajiMuhammadu Ndayako diedandAlhaji Usman Sarki relinguishedhis appointments FederalMinisterof InternalAffairs -aportfolio with enormouspowers to succeedto the throne of his,rand JatherMasaba, son ofMalam Dendo who bore theflagof Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio. The typicalmodernpersonalityanddescendedof theMasaba rulingfamilywasinstalledthetenthFulaniEstuNupe at acolourful ceremony with an unprecedented crowd in attendance on f March 1963. Heproved to be atrustworthy custodian of thetraditionalvaluesof hisancestorsandhe washonouredwith theNationalAwardof the Commanderofthe FederalRepubhc, CFKin 1980. Earlieron duringtheNigerian CivilCrisis, he was one of theNorthern Delegates to the Conference on thefuture ofNigeria inAugust, 1966. KT . U, ftSe'ond rePubUc and aft" relinquishing hisposition as the Etsu Nupe, be was appointed Chairman if the NationalSaltCompany, Offa, KwaraStatein 1982. Alhaji UsmanSarkidiedonthe9th ofSeptember, 1984
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