MAMMAN, Prof Tahir, OON, SAN

Born July 7, 1954

Michika, Adamawa State




LL.B; B.L; LL.M;Ph.D

Gender: Male
Marital Status
  • Married
Name of Spouse
State of Origin: Adamawa State
Father's Name
Father's Status N/A
Mother's Name
Mother's Status N/A
Working Experience

Vice-Chancellor, Baze University

Previous Appointments:

– The Judiciary, Adamawa State, 1974-1984;

– Head, Department of Common Law, University of Maiduguri, 1991-1997;

– Member, National Universities Commission (N.U.C) Accreditation Panel to University Law Faculties – Eastern States,1996-1997;

– Member, Local Government Election Tribunal, Adamawa State, 1997;

– Dean, Students Affairs Division, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, University of Maiduguri, 1997-2000;

– Co-ordinator, Parliamentary Study Project, 1992-2001;

– Adviser/Part-Time Consultant, Houses of Assembly of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States; 1999-2000;

– Member, Federal Government Technical Committee on Privatization (Transport Sector), 2000-2001;

– Member, Steering Committee on the Establishment of Adamawa State University, 2000-2001;

– External Examiner, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 2001-2002;

– Patron, Youth Federation of Nigeria, University Branch;

– Patron, Michika Local Government Students Union

– Patron, Nigeria Youth Organization (UNIMAID Branch)

– Member, Michika Development Trust Fund, Michika

– Member, Maryam Wapper Education Trust Fund, Michika

– Deputy Director, General Kano Campus, 2001-2005;

– Director General, Nigerian Law School, 2005-2013;

– Member, Committee on All Nigerian Laws Project, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Lagos

– Member, Nigerian Bar Association;
– Member, Nigerian Association Of Law Teachers;
– Member, Commonwealth Legal Education Association;
– Member, Centre for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI), USA;
– Member, United Kingdom Centre for Legal Education (UKCLE);
– Member, African Network of Constitutional Lawyers;
– Member Governing Board, International Association of Law Schools, 2011- 2013;

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 1983; Nigerian Law School, Lasgos, 1984; University of Warwick, United Kingdom; 1987; University of Warwick, United Kingdom, 1991

– Member, International Bar Association;
– Member, International Association of Law Schools (IALS).

– Dokaji Mubi, Mubi Emirate, Adamawa State;
– Dan Ruwata Adamawa, Adamawa State Emirate.

– Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON);
– Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN)

– MAMMAN, TAHIR, The Law and Politics of Constitution Making in Nigeria, 1900 – 1989. Issues, Interests and Compromises 1998 Edlinform, University of Maiduguri;

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– Mamman, T. “Challenges of Pluralism and Religion in the Development of Constitutionalism and Nationhood In Nigeria.” Commissioned Contribution to Essays In Honour of Justice Karibi-Whyte, Editor – Niki Tobi, JSC (Forthcoming);
– Mamman, T. “Muhammadu Lawal Uwais through Matters on Constitutional Law.” Commissioned Contribution to Essays in Honour Of Muhammadu Lawal Uwais, CJN: Editor – Niki Tobi, JSC (Forthcoming);

– Mamman, T. “The Role of Law Schools and Law School Leadership in a Changing World” Being a paper presented at the Conference of International Association of Law Schools, Canberra, Australia, 25-27thth May, 2009;
– Mamman, T. “Plea Bargaining in the Administration of Criminal Justice”. A Paper delivered at a Refresher Course for Judges and Khadis including All Judges Handling Economic Crime Cases in Nigeria, organized by the National Judicial Institute, Abuja. 9th, March, 2010;
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– Mamman, T. “A Review of the Frame work of Legal Education in Nigerian Universities”. Being a Paper Presented by Dr. Tahir Mamman at the Annual Conference of International Association of Law Schools, Washington, 20-23rd June, 2011;
– Mamman, T. “Unethical Conduct at the Bar” A Presentation at the Nigerian Bar Leaders’ Summit on 20th September, 2012;
– Mamman, T. “The Legal Profession in the Democratic Project of Nigeria” A Speaker’s Keynote Presentation at the Alumni Conference of 1988 Set in Enugu, 2012;
– Mamman, T. “A Review of the Proposals for Waiver for Oversees Legal Practitioners form attending the Nigerian Law School”. A Presentation at the British-Nigeria Law Forum, London, UK, September, 2012;

Reflections from Bwari:
– An Anthology of Poems in Honour of Dr. Tahir Mamman, by Nwanko, Dili, et al, (eds),Ella-B Ventures LTD., 2007;

– Ojukwu, Ernest, Legal Education in Nigeria: A Chronicle of Reforms and Transformation under TAHIR MAMMAN, published by Council of Legal Education Nigeria Law School, 2013;

– UTAKE, A And Ben- Omotehinse (eds), Annotations on the Evidence Act,2011 in Honour of DR. TAHIR MAMMAN, 2013.

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